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Plant decluttering technique

I am thinking of decluttering plants, what’s your technique that does not involve throwing plants away? My plants suffer from so much insects and they all look so ugly now.

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  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    Learn to care for them properly before buying more. Hint.

  • Mike the Fiddle Leaf Fig Guy

    no matter how you care for them properly, insects always have a way to put you down

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    By definition, declutter means to remove....so it does involve throwing stuff out or giving it away. Decluttering typically means reducing the number of items........

    And if you care for them properly and give them the right conditions, insects do not have to be an issue. Other than some early experiences wth English ivy and spider mites, I have never had ANY insect issues with houseplants.

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    Nor have I. If they're getting attacked by insects then, by definition, there's something going wrong with the care they're getting.

  • Photo Synthesis

    I own more plants than I care to count and none of them have any bug infestations. If anything, I've been seeing more spiders. All I do with them is capture them and let them go in the woods behind my house, or just leave them where they're at. Learn to care for your plants properly and your plants will care for themselves. Healthy plants are less susceptible to infestations.

  • Dave

    If you want to declutter, throw out the worst looking ones.

    As as far as insects, you need to be careful when adding new plants. When you first bring them home, place them in a different room for a week or two and keep an eye out for any pests.

    If you bring plants outside for the summer, they need to be sprayed before coming back inside. Otherwise you bring in all the pests and those pests now have no predators to keep their numbers down inside and they’ll devour your plants.

    You need to to be careful before you go and obsessively buy lots of plants.

    Buy plants that make you happy. Don’t worry about trends or what’s popular.

    Since your first post here, you have seemed to collect plants for different reasons than the rest of us.

  • socks

    You have two options: figure out what insects are affecting your plants and treat them or throw the plants away.

  • Elena

    If your excess plants were healthy and pest-free, you could give them away or sell them, but it would be irresponsible to pass them along to someone else if they've got pest issues.

    Diseased or infested plants need to be thrown away, or maybe composted depending on the issue. I'm not sure if your climate allows for it, but I sometimes move plants outside permanently where I give them less care and they either sink or swim.

  • popmama

    Send some of them to summer camp. That's my euphemism for putting houseplants outside for the summer. If you put them outside, you can also give them a good strong spray with the hose and soak with some insecticidal soap to send the pests to a different camp. :-)

  • getgoing100_7b_nj

    What insects are we talking about. A few pics would be helpful too.

  • getgoing100_7b_nj

    On house plants! I have only had them on roses. Neem oil spray should take care of it without too much trouble.

  • Dave

    With a heavy infestation, neem probably won’t do much.

    I dont know whats available in Australia, but here in the states I use Bayer 3 in 1 insect disease and mite control before plants come back in. Takes care of anything that might be on the plants.

  • Mike the Fiddle Leaf Fig Guy

    We dont have the bayer one. I was using neem but it never worked. i also used pyrethrum but the leaves turned yellow and a few weeks later, the insects are back.

  • Mike the Fiddle Leaf Fig Guy

    Does the systemic one that you put in soil work?

  • Karen S. (7b, NYC)

    Mike: Pls. consult w/ local growers as I've said before. Or better yet, ask your local nurseries. They'll know the local bugs & the local remedies. They'll be able to tell you known, reputable remedies, not unverified drivel from YouTube. Then try to focus on following their advice.

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