Update on the Rabbit Problem

June 12, 2019
last modified: June 12, 2019

I haven't seen Peter Rabbit in two days. Unfortunately before he disappeared he ate another seedling scape. It was the sibling to this one, and I was so looking forward to seeing it bloom:

(Karelia x Palace Garden Beauty) x This Longing

The last time I saw Peter was three days ago. Tuxie spied him in the front garden and was fast on his trail. She came within 6 inches of catching him before he squeezed through the hedge and escaped. Catching him became her mission. I haven't seen any bunny carcasses around, but that doesn't mean she didn't track him down somewhere.

When last seen he was growing rapidly, having enjoyed the fine dining at my garden buffet.

Tuxie determined to catch him.

I hope he's gone for good. That little buzzard ate the scapes on five seedlings, half of Spacecoast Ojo Rojo and nearly all of Francis of Assisi. He nibbled on pansies, snapdragons and foliage plants. I was getting my exercising chasing him round and round the garden every morning and evening. If he doesn't come back, I'll have to find some other form of exercise. LOL


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