Need help deciding between two tile layouts, both imperfect

Brian Hendricks
9 months ago


I have a small kitchen with just 20sq ft of backsplash. The kitchen is sort of open, the backsplash would die at an open wall. Both walls have a backsplash of about 10sq ft. My tile just barely isn't long enough to cover the full width on one wall and requires either a small 3/4" cut at one end, or having two equal sized half-cuts at the ends.

My thought is that the little 3/4" cut on the end basically just looks like trim, won't see it that much since it's in the far corner of the kitchen. Where the equal cuts on the sides seems more noticeable, I don't personally like it but I don't know what's more acceptable. If we use an extra 1/8" of grout spacing we can get it to all lines up but my tile can work with minimized grout which I prefer.

Option A??

OPTION A -- 3/4" Wide Tile at far right on south wall

OPTION B -- Start tile with a half cut, end with a half cut

CONTEXT: Picture of Kitchen view and other wall layout

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