Am I the Only One Having Problems Here?

June 16, 2019

I'm having a lot of problems navigating from post to post and forum to forum here lately, very slow reaction, anyone else or is it just me?

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  • Myia Broward_Zone_10b

    I am new to the site but I do agree. also the posts aren't listed in order by date. but I'm not sure if that's typical.

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  • Debby

    Looks fine to me.

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  • dcarch7 d c f l a s h 7 @ y a h o o . c o m

    Don't blame yourself.

    Often, it's the problem of whichever company, Verizon or whoever, gives you internet connections. Happens to my area a few times.

    Also, run a virus check.

    Also, do a hard drive defrag.


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  • sushipup1

    What are you using? Phone, tablet, computer?

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  • ritaweeda

    I'm using my laptop. Virus scans and cleanups are all up-to-date. I've also noticed that I have the most problems on the first online attempt that I do which is always Gardenweb. I need to go to a different website and see if it's the same story. So it could still be me or my internet connection, kind of weird that later attempts aren't as bad though.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    Your provider may be slowing down on purpose(throttling), or there might be high demand. Are you on a home wifi network?

    Just curious - which provider do you have?

    It can also be too much stuff in your cache. You can try clearing it - or shutting down and restarting. I do that when my computer starts slowing down &/or freezing up and it usually works.

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    It's far more likely to be a slowdown caused by the PC than by the internet connection unless OP has a low bandwidth connection to begin with. Very little capacity is required to serve up a web page, it's a small amount of digital data.

    ritaweeda, try clearing the cache and history of your browser. Check how many things are loading on boot up. Restart your PC and see if it's better. Try a different browser for comparison.

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  • Kool Beans

    If Elmer’s suggestions don’t fix it, then another thought, is you might have some malware issues. Malwarebytes offers a free software that will remove any malware you might have.

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    I don't disagree with Kool Bean's suggestion but it suggests a different recommendation - everyone should be using a comprehensive PC security package and if you use one of the better ones, it's somewhere between highly unlikely and never that malware or bad actors will ever invade your PC.

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  • dcarch7 d c f l a s h 7 @ y a h o o . c o m

    "------- everyone should be using a comprehensive PC security package and if you use one of the better ones, it's somewhere between highly unlikely and never that malware or bad actors will ever invade your PC."

    Even the Government top secrete files and Big corporations with a huge 24/7 computer security department get hacked.


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  • Elmer J Fudd

    Getting hacked is more normally about firewalls. Home users should be behind two - the router is one, and the soft firewall on the PC is two. Hackers usually have specific targets with specific info in mind to get, whether a business, a government, or an organization. Not typically an individual's PC on which someone plays solitaire.

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  • plllog

    Another thing that could be slowing down your connection is the router itself. If yours doesn't have a reset button, unplug it and remove the backup battery (if there is one) and let it cool down for 10 minutes, then plug it back in. It could take a long while to fully reinitialize, so do it before you start cooking or something, and let it get a clean load without trying to connect until it's done.

    Also, check your settings. If your browser cache empties automatically overnight or something like that, it could just be that the first connection to Houz, lags because you have to download all that gobbledegook, but later on it's cached so you can reconnect more quickly. Have a full cache can bring on lag, as others have said, but having commonly visited pages cached really speeds up the loading time.

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    A good suggestion. Routers shouldn't need to be rebooted periodically but some do all the same. Leaving it unplugged for one minute should be more than sufficient. If it's running hot, it will be hot again in another few minutes and rebooting it really doesn't cool it off. Make sure it's located somewhere with adequate ventilation, not in a closed cabinet or closet.

    Some people have 2 in 1 integrated units where the modem and router are together. If so, it manages its own reboot. If you have two separate units, pull the plug on both and then reconnect only the modem first. Wait until you see several lights illuminated, then reconnect the router.

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  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Rita, PM me and I'll try to help you figure this out. I've learned quite a bit about why computers do crazy things in the past few years, so maybe if get some more info, I can help you fix it. Usually, a problem like this is caused by your computer, not your provider.

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  • Louiseab Ibbotson

    Wire I find is that I can’t post pictures. They show up on my page until I hit send and then gone

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Louiseab ibbotson, it seems that pictures will not post in the main post for some reason. You have to post them in a comment to the original post. I think it has to do with how you're uploading and where from, because I don't usually have a problem, but many people do.

  • ritaweeda

    Well, the answers to my original question seem to come out to yes, some are having some minor problems but not the same as what I've had. So I followed a few of the solutions and it's not an issue anymore - thanks to all who offered help.

  • bragu_DSM 5

    you may also have an old bookmark to gw/houzzzzz .... you could make a new one, and pitch the old one...

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