Flowers in containers 2019.

July 4, 2019

I started planting flowers in my front patio three years ago. These plants got hailed on twice early spring but they've recovered and are now thriving. Do you have some pictures to share?

I've had these evergreens for three years. I just fill in the annuals each year.

Canna lilies in the background. Supertunia and Snow Princess alyssum in the front.

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  • mmmm12COzone5


  • tomatoz1

    Gorgeous floral arrangements. Wish I had the talent to plant that kind of beauty.

  • popmama

    I really love containers. They are like little gardens where you can pack in a lot of variety, color, and plants that normally aren't hardy here. Here are a couple of mine. I was going to take some more pictures but we just now had a huge thunderstorm and everything is sulking.

    My window boxes which are in mostly shade. Impatiens, coleus, euphorbia Diamond Frost and dichondra Silver Falls.

    Another shade container. Mona Lavender (not really a lavender) in the back, coleus, a bright green hosta seedling, cute oxalis, euphorbia and dichondra again.

    Hosta mini bowl: Dwarf Hinoke Cyprus (from Paulino) hostas Venusta, Blonde Elf, and Bill's Dress Blue.

    I will post the full sun container pics tomorrow if we get full sun!

  • gardenchloe

    Popmama, I really like your window boxes and mini hosta bowl. Last year I dreamed having tons of coleus in my containers this year. However, the ones I purchased this year did not do well or survived in the hail storms or the heat waves. For me, it's a lesson every year when it comes to gardening.

  • popmama

    I agree. Coleus was the star of the show last year. This year, I have had trouble even keeping it alive. I lost a lot of them in that last snow and had to start all over again and they just have not taken off.

    The weather has really thrown everything off its game!

  • susanb92

    Beautiful container plantings!

  • susanb92

    P.S. Nice Stellas too!

  • nbm1981

    So beautiful everyone!! I absolutely love the window boxes and hosta planter - that is so lovely and what a great idea! And who could ever go wrong with any sort of petunias? I am sure you are all aware of this channel on YT (Garden Answer), but if you're not, you simply must binge watch her stuff. She is amazing and uses the most gorgeous annuals ever. She's in eastern Oregon on the border with Idaho in Ontario, same zone as many of us (5b). She has a similar climate as the Front Range, save for slightly hotter/drier summers and less severe weather. She is an incredible wealth of info and where I get 99% of my inspiration.

    I have two containers on the front porch.. unfortunately I forgot to save the tags (bad Nick!!!). Each holds a "thriller" begonia with smaller "filler" begonias tucked in underneath, then "spiller" Lemon Coral Sedum front and center and Creeping Jenny on either side. I think it looks fun with the dark pots.

    The pot below is situated where we used to have a Newport Plum, but we lost it to disease a few years ago. Until we decide how we want to finish our entire front yard, I bought a 36" low-lying pot to plant up - I think it turned out pretty good this season! Purple Fountain Grass in the center, then filled in with purple, white and buttery yellow wave petunias and a few Lemon Coral Sedum thrown in for that gorgeous pop of chartreuse.

    Looking toward the house, pot on the left, porch containers in the background.

  • mmmm12COzone5


    Wow! Those are fantastic. You have a great eye for composition.

  • gardenchloe


    I love your containers! Yes, both Popmama and I are big fans of Garden Answer. I have supertunias, superbells and snow princess alyssum in my containers as I am very inspired by watching her videos all the time. Are your petunias supertunias? Thanks!

  • nbm1981

    Thank you, mmmm12!

  • nbm1981

    Thank you, gardenchloe - yours are gorgeous, too! I do have a couple supertunias in the garden this year, but I had tons of them last year. This year I just used the "wave" series of petunias mostly - they're smaller and have more of a trailing/mounding habit and don't get quite as voluminous. I love using the White Wave Petunias around all of my flower beds as they really set off the flowers around them and make a gorgeous border. I have Superbells Double Chiffon in a flower bed in my front yard that I am really enjoying.

    I forgot to show the 3 sunken containers I have in the raised flower bed near the front porch. Each contains a Dracaena in the center, then a series of 3 Lemon Coral Sedum and 3 Bacopa Snowstorm Giant Snowflake. I love the little "sparkles" of the Bacopa flowers. The containers are kind of hard to see because my impatiens have really filled in. The White Wave Petunias along the border should fill in, as well, and should effectively cover the entire cap of the wall.

    While not containers, this L-bed in our front yard was FILLED with supertunias last season (these photos were in mid-August 2018 after several nasty hailstorms). I decided to go with a color block effect which I really liked. White Wave on the edge, then Supertunia Black Cherry, Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, Supertunia Honey, Supertunia Vista Fuscia, Supertunia Vista Silverberry, then mirrored. The Honey and Black Cherry got lost because they weren't Vista series supertunia.

    The container in the background had Purple Fountain Grass, White Wave Petunia, Superbells Lemon Slice (which was amazing), Superbells Hollywood Star (which was beautiful, but not very voluminous) and Sweet Caroline Potato Vine. The Purple Fountain Grass was magnificent and I hope this year's gets as large.

    This season I toned it down a bit. Mexican Feather Grass down the center interspersed with White Wave Petunia, Supertunia Bordeaux, Supertunia Royal Magenta, Lemon Coral Sedum and Superbells Double Chiffon.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    Wow, wow, wow! Very cool that you try different designs from year to year.

  • gardenchloe


    You have lovely containers and flower beds. I had googled and compared the differences of supertunia and wave petunias for a couple of years and still end up getting both. My vista bubblegum are definitely thriving this year after my husband set some automatic drops for me.

  • popmama

    wowsers, nbm! All of your containers and annual beds are amazing. The color-block effect with the supertunias last year was inspirational. I wish I had room for something like that! It looks like a public park. Stunning!

    I got pretty hooked on the lemon coral sedum this year thanks to Garden Answer. I have it in several containers. It's really fun stuff!

  • nbm1981

    Thank you, ladies! I love changing the annuals up each season. I still end up in similar color schemes, but the looks are a bit different. I wish I was sponsored by Proven Winners because it is an EXPENSIVE hobby. LoL. I love all petunias - I don't think you can get much better annuals if you want impactful color. The great thing about the wave and supertunias is that they are "self-cleaning". I don't deadhead a thing. Just clean up hail damage a few times each season. They always come back beautifully.

    Chloe, the vista series, particularly Bubblegum, is amazing, isn't it?? I wish they came in every color imaginable - you only need one or two to fill a huge space.

    Popmama, thank you - one big planting day and it's all done for the season! I love when families walk by and stop me to ask what stuff is. It makes it all worth it. And I only know of the sedum because of Garden Answer! LoL. When she did those urns on either side of her bench I was immediately sold. I noticed Home Depot had racks of it this season and so I bought 24. I will be using much more next season. It's so gorgeous and fun and thrives in both sun and shade. I've noticed the sedum in the pots near the house (which faces north and only gets an hour or two of sun) is much darker than that which is further out. Those further out are a combo of chartreuse and yellow, which is I'm sure how it gets its name. Either way, they're beautiful, easy and interesting!

  • gardenchloe


    Yes, Garden Answer gets us into these expensive hobby and Proven Winners should start sponsoring us for these beautiful containers! And I fully agree with you about the "self-cleaning" as I wouldn't be able to keep up with the deadheading. I also learned a lot about the different behavior and preferences from each annual.

    Sorry folks, I am not trying to advertise but I really enjoy her "container update" videos. They just give me more information and ideas about what I want to do next time. Here's the update from this morning which I've been waiting for.


  • DeZi Lo

    Limited patio space. I enjoy my baby jungle.

  • gardenchloe

    DeZi Lo,

    I love designing my containers. I see you have some shade plants. They are lovely!

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