Fridge depth HELP!

July 9, 2019

I cannot for the life of me decide between a counter-depth fridge and a standard fridge. HELP. Pics below.

I have counter-depth now (in the photos below) and still have a few weeks to decide to exchange it for a standard size. Depths are side-by-side for comparison in the photos (current counter-depth fridge is pulled forward to show what standard depth would look like).

I typically like the look of counter-depth as it's more seamless, but the wall on the left is my concern. The counter-depth door hits it slightly when open although its not a big deal. Family has also commented that the more room in a fridge the better... . BUT. I don't want a fridge to stick out too far past the wall as I just don't like the look...

Which one looks better to you?? What would you choose based on both looks and function with the wall on the left??

Thanks in advance!!

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