Difference between Milgard SuncoatMAX and Suncoat (Low-E)?

July 10, 2019

I notice that one Milgard quote I received is for Suncoat Max and the other just says

Suncoat (Low-E). Do you know what the differences are, and is one more expensive than the other?


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  • PRO
    Windows on Washington Ltd

    Where is the home located? Probably, if I had to guess, the difference between Low-e 272 and Low-e 366.

  • Louisa

    It's in Los Angeles county.

  • Louisa

    Do I need the best one if I have heavy drapes? My windows face north in one room, and east in another.

  • PRO
    East Bay 10

    California has Title 24 requirements for new windows and doors. Unless you live near the water, 366 will be required. There are offsets that will let you use the 272 but those are only beneficial in a new build not a window replacement. Talk to your builder/installer for clarification.

  • wdccruise

    Modern windows contain glass that is coated to increase their energy efficiency. The coatings increase the insulating value of the window (i.e., reduce the "U-Factor") and reduce the amount of solar radiation transmitted through the glass (i.e., reduce the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient - SHGC). The SuncoatMAX adds an additional coating to the Suncoat glass that improves the window's insulation (lowers the U-Factor) and reduces the SHGC. The downsides of the SuncoatMAX windows are that they (a) probably cost more and (b) probably reduce the amount of light that passes through the window: "Visual Transmittance" or "VT".

    I believe that your windows must have a U-Factor of no more than 0.3 and an SHGC of 0.25 or less.

    If you have a choice between Suncoat and SuncoatMAX you could choose based upon where you house is located and the exposure of your windows. For example, if you live in the San Fernando Valley and have exposed, south- and west-facing windows, it may be wise to select SuncoatMAX. If you live on the cooler west side, Suncoat may be sufficient. Brochure.

    SHGC doesn't matter for north-facing windows.

    Disregard window coverings in choosing.

    -- amateur

  • Windowmaster

    366 in california ??

  • Louisa

    Thank you, everyone! That's very helpful.

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