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Dawanda Johnson
July 11, 2019

Please help me finalize my kitchen design for our forever home in New Orleans.

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  • artistsharonva

    Those are big fridge doors. Make sure there is enough room in front of fridge in between island to stand in front of comfortably when open to at least unload & load groceries. Have enough room to be able to open doors & access fridge &avoid being cornered in between fridge doors & island when open.

    check fridge installation manual for more specifics as well

  • artistsharonva

    I think you have these in island.

    Great to have a taller door cabinet near oven to be able to file taller cookie sheets near oven & near prep area for cutting boards.

  • artistsharonva

    over all looks really nice. you must be very excited;)

    A few things to consider is a long island may need a seam.

    Discuss with countertop fabicator options & best way to avoid if at possible or conceal.

    glass cabinets look nice where they are, but note if you cook a lot, rising steam from boiling & cooking will mean the glass will need to be cleaned more often.

  • Dawanda Johnson

    Our architect will make sure the we the necessary space. Thank you so much!
    I have 2 cookies sheet cabinets next to the wine fridge on the island

  • Shannon_WI

    Exchange all, or at least most, of those base cabinets for base drawers. Most especially the ones under the rangetop. Please!

    Why aren’t the upper cabinets meeting the ceiling? That small gap to the ceiling serves no purpose.

    What will you use those narrow glass cabinets for on either side of the hood? It might be just how they are appearing on my device, but they look too narrow to hold much. In addition, glass-fronted cabinets add light and airiness, but those are so narrow I don’t think they’ll serve that purpose. It looks like on either side of the hood you have 3 narrow upper cabinets, plus a narrow pull-out of some kind? What is that narrow pull-out?

    I’d exchange the 2 glass fronts from where they are now (and where they are most likely to get smeary from cooking) for solid fronts. And then I’d exchange the 2 solid fronts on either side of them (4 in total) for glass. That way you’ll get the light and airy look from glass in a more effective way.

    Is that an angled pantry? Those tend to be problematic. Is there any way you can square it off, or is that the only way it will fit?

    A kitchen with lots of base drawers:

  • artistsharonva

    Architects designing kitchens is not always the best route to go. They are great at the skelton of the house but when getting more into the detail interior function not always the best choice. That's why there are other fields like interior designers & kitchen designers. The best is an experienced kitchen designer who actually cooks a lot.

    There are a lot of aspects that come to building a house & chosing the best tradesman for the particular job at hand. I have suprisingly seen several house plans given to me by builders done by their architects with real kitchen design, functional mistakes. There's been plenty examples posted on Houzz in the past. A good builder gets the right designer for the right situation.

    As a cabinet designer I was the one who corrected & adjusted the cabinet layouts for the client. I have interior & kitchen designers help chose the decor & further details. I respect architects & all trademen & would hire an architect to design the home as a whole then hire specialists to adjust the inner details. Some architects do have more experience with kitchens, but not as may as people assume.

  • Dawanda Johnson

    I’m sorry we hired a designer to help with the layout and design. I was trying to say I’m going to make sure the architect add enough space. This is just the mock of our design from the kitchen designer. I will ask about cabinets going all the way up to the top.
    Thank You for all your advice! I truly appreciate it!!!!

  • cpartist

    Post a 2d floor plan because quite honestly there are lots of not great things starting with all your lower cabinets should be drawers and also you have too many smaller cabinets.

  • Kate E

    Yes to drawers!! You have designed a beautiful and functional kitchen! I swapped out some of our doors with pull out shelves for big drawers and I LOVE THEM. Especially for pots and pans. And Tupperware!

  • Dawanda Johnson

    On the island
    Trash can
    2 small cabinets on the end for cookies sheets and long pans

    Next to cook top
    2 12” Spice rack on both sides of the cook top.

    All the small cabinets are needed

    I will add the drawers back under the cook top.

  • Kate E

    You won’t regret the drawers, I promise you! :) Great job - and post pics of the process!

  • Shannon_WI

    “Next to cook top
    2 12” Spice rack on both sides of the cook top.”

    I would avoid those - sorry! You did say this home is forever, so you want it to function well for many years. Please read the thread I will link here with posts from the many people who do not like pull-out spice racks. I think you need to re-space how your base cabinets are. Have more drawers (not just under the rangetop), and omit the pullouts on either side of the cooktop.

  • Alex Shepard

    I know how hard it is to design your kitchen so that it would simplify the cooking process. Kitchen is obviously the most important room in every house and personally I`ve spent a lot of time improving all the aspects - found a lot of useful articles here - website review. Your kitchen looks quite nice and I really hope you`ll find a way to design it properly with a help of professionals, but as a person keen on cooking and all the kitchen stuff I highly recommend you to check some pieces of advise and modernize food making process!

  • darbuka

    This is what you want under your range top.

    I have drawers everywhere, even under my large sink. Holds a ton of stuff...plastic wrap, tin foil, wax paper, extra dish towels, plastic bags of various sizes. That’s just the top drawer. Bottom drawer contains all kinds of cleaning supplies, plus large rolls of plastic garbage bags for pullout double cans, next to sink.

    Drawers are the bomb. So much more convenient than doors with shelving, or doors with pullout shelves. I’m glad I insisted on drawers under the sink, despite the reluctance of my contractor. He had to make a creative adjustment to the back of the top drawer to accommodate plumbing, but I’m so glad I held firm. Don’t have a pic of that, but I’ll take one later, and post it.

  • artistsharonva

    Great you got a designer.

    I'm not a fan of the common spice pullout cabinets either. It's not that much space for all my spices. It's often not adjustable up & down either which is limiting. Plus got to reach down & can not see bottom items as when looking down. The 2nd "shelf" is most annoying. Only short spices fit. I'm a fast, visual cook so I find it slows me down,too.

    There are some different 9" wide pullouts with more function to consider instead.

    Here are some examples.

    I have tried many spice storage items. I still prefer lazy susan turn tables inside wall cabinets near stove. Can take it out & clean easily,too.

    I also like a wide drawer for spices as picture below.

    This is what I prefer for all my tall cooking oils & wines or the pullout above.

  • artistsharonva

    Lots of drawers are great, but not everything fits in a drawer.

    Take inventory of al your tall items & get a space for them, then extra room for wide drawers. Wide drawers can always get divider inserts if needed.

  • Dawanda Johnson

    Thank You so much! We’re going to change the design and remove the spice cabinets and add drawers under the range. Have cabinets go up to the top

  • pippabean_5b

    Yes to all drawers and wide vs narrow cabinets. There isn't much of a price difference between wide and narrow cabinets and that's especially true for drawer cabs. You'll save loads of money which you will be able to use for splurges! Best of luck with your project!

  • darbuka

    As promised, here are the drawers under my sink. First is a pull down drawer to hold unused scrubby sponges. You can see the adjustment my contractor made to the drawer underneath the sponges, to accommodate the plumbing. Dishwasher is to the left, pullout double garbage to the right.

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