Flag City Daylily Tour - part 1

Spent my day in the Findlay, Ohio area, visited 3 of the 7 gardens on the tour. I'll try to share some pics as time permits... here's the first bunch, these are all from the garden of Sharon and Ron DeCooman - a rural farm featuring 1200 registered cultivars, plus seedlings. I took a lot of pictures of the registered ones that were blooming.

Alpha Centauri

Backseat Debutante

Burning Hot Lava

Deerchase Sunrise (that is what the label said, but I don't see it in the database - I tried splitting up the words, etc)


Dempsey Red Velvet

Green Imperial Pigeon

Heavenly Velociraptor

Heavenly White Lightening

Isla Morada - I loved this one that I hadn't heard of, it had a nice scape too


Shards Of Kryptonite

More in the comments soon...

Comments (19)

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Lady Friend

    Mike (couldn't find this one in the database either)

    Mount Echo Sunrise

    Prince Poppycock


    Sweet Potato Yum

    Vein Pretender

    Wildman George

    Yankee Pinstripes

    That's all for this round, thanks for looking!

  • Nancy 6b

    Nice ones! I hope it was not too hot on you, but imagine it was plenty war. All these are pretty. Unusual choices for me but my favs are Green Imperisl Dragon and Deerchase Sunrise. I do like Isla Morada

    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked Nancy 6b
  • shive

    Lots of pretty ones! My favorites are Isla Morada and Prince Poppycock.


  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Thanks for sharing!


  • mantis__oh

    I appreciate these posts. Of course, this is a difficult year to evaluate cultivars, as a lot of evergreens have taller scapes than usual. DeGroovie was one that caught my eye. Mike is a 2019 Davisson. Would be interesting to see the plant habit of some of these.

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Nancy, I didn't look at the temp at all... I know it was forecasted to be 84 in Findlay yesterday and was going to be hotter and more humid there today. The tour is today and tomorrow also. I used my sun umbrella a lot of the time to try to keep the sun off me, as well as I could with trying to manage that and my camera. But you know me, I was still quite hot a lot of the time!

    Mantis, when I saw Mike, that is what I was thinking, but when I couldn't find it in the database, I didn't even think to look at her web page - thanks for telling me that. Honestly, I didn't have a lot of time to look at plant habit, was trying to see as much as I could in a relatively short amount of time.

    I did take a couple of longer shots at two of the gardens, I will post those pics as I get to them in sequence from my camera.

  • Julia NY

    Wow, you got some fantastic photos. I too like the one called Deerchase Sunrise. Could it be a new intro that hasn't been uploaded to the official AHS database? Looking forward to more of your tour pics.

    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked Julia NY
  • celeste

    The ones that really jumped out at me were the green-eyed ones. I have always wanted Kryptonite and I enjoy seeing photos of it. Also, Green Imperial Pigeon and Mount Echo Sunrise are right up my alley. But there are so many that are beautiful to me.....Supergirl, Degroovie, Heavenly White Lightening and Prince Poppycock round out my favorites. Lucky you to go on the tour!

    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked celeste
  • lilykate7a

    You were in daylily paradise, it appears! Thank you for sharing all these. I have no favorites, one of each, please!! Although I could possibly narrow it down if necessary!! Beautiful lilies!

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Julia, not sure about that one... I wish I had known to ask the lady whose garden it was. She was very nice, helpful and fun to talk to.

    The 'tour' was really just an open garden thing - I drove myself down there (2 hours down, 2.5 hours back). If it was closer, I would go back again tomorrow, as I'm sure there would be things that weren't blooming yesterday that will be blooming by then. I will definitely think about going again next year if I remember to look into it. I met up with an online gardening friend there (she lives in OH about 2 hours from there, but hadn't heard of it either), it was nice to meet her in person and spend some time talking and walking around together.

  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    You took some really nice pictures. Vein Pretender and Deerchase Sunrise (wish we could find out about that one) jumped out at me immediately. I'm not a UF fan, but the pink Supergirl is also an attention getter. Lots of nice ones......Maryl

  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    Thanks for posting pictures from your tour. Isla Morada is one we added here, hoping that it might be hardy enough to survive. Seeing in your pix of those gardens gives me hope that it might make it. I usually don't go for the red selfs, but I find myself drawn to Dempsey Red Velvet. Yankee Pinstripes is interesting too.

  • Brad KY 6b

    Thanks for sharing! Lots of interesting ones with green. My favorite overall is Degroovie [purple of course].


  • organic_kitten

    Isla Morado is gorgeous. I was glad to see Yankee Pinstripe as I have a small thre fan cultivar of that one. Prince Poppy cock was a pretty colored one.


  • dick_in_ohio

    Isla Morada just opened its first bloom for me today. I didn't get to see it until late afternoon. I like the picture so I will check it further this week.

  • nat4b

    Wow lots of pretty ones! Never seen any of those before. My favorites are Isla Morada, Supergirl, Deerchase.. and a lot more )

    I am wondering, how did you record the flower names? You can do it in your camera after each shot?

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Thanks everyone for commenting, I'm glad you liked these. Nancy and Dick, you're lucky to have Isla Morada! I hope it does well for you... judging by how it looked where I saw it in Ohio, I'm guessing it will. Nat, I took a picture of the label after I took a picture of each flower. There were a couple where I forgot to do that, so I didn't share those. After I labeled the picture with the name on my camera, I deleted the pictures. I was afraid of running out of room on my memory card, but didn't thankfully!

  • mantis__oh

    A memory card will usually hold more pictures than you expect. Wouldn't you think close to 1000?

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Mantis, you're probably right, but I didn't know how many pictures I had taken... I just kept shooting. I *have* filled it up multiple times in the past. I did offload most of the pictures from it before I left, but I still was concerned. I don't know how many pictures I took, since I deleted them after I uploaded them to my pc. I would guess there were maybe 500 including all the label pictures I took. My camera is an old Panasonic Lumix, which I still love to use.

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