Privacy Ideas Needed Backyard

KLynn S
2 years ago

We just moved into our first home - a Ryan home development with a .33 lot and a side entry garage. The bulk of our yard is by the side entry garage.

Here’s the problem. Our neighbors have a huge covered patio that they are always out on rain or shine. It looks directly onto our yard and garage. They are now constructing an in ground pool. There is absolutely no privacy. As a first time homeowner, I now know privacy is very important to me!

Our HOA is very restrictive. All fences must be see through. Our neighbors are installing a see through iron fence and have no plans to add any privacy plants to their pool or patio. They can’t install a short run privacy fence since you are only allowed one on one side of your house and they already have one on the other side to shield the other neighbors from their hot tub and fire pit. So I have no recourse but to do something on my own.

We need to submit landscaping designs for HOA approval before we can install any privacy plants or the short run fence by the patio. This is going to cost us thousands and thousands of dollars. Im hoping we can do some work in phases to spread the cost out.

Has anyone been through this before? Any ideas on how we can get some privacy for a reasonable cost? I want to keep the peace with neighbors too - should we let them know our plans so they don’t get offended when we block them out? They didn’t tell us about all their construction work until after the fact, but I’m trying to be the bigger person here.

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