What is eating my ripe tomatoes?

July 29, 2019

Does anyone recognize this tomato damage?

As soon as any tomato starts to turn(yellow or red) it gets chomped into. Green tomatoes are untouched.

I can’t see any pests on the plants except an occasional cucumber beetle. But I don’t think a few tiny beetles could eat so much tomato!

I have some growing bush type, and others pruned to a single stem, both types are being eaten. So I don’t think it’s a bird because how could a bird find the ripening tomatoes in a bushy tomato plant?

There are grasshoppers in my garden. But not thick and I don’t see any on or around the tomatoes, so I don’t think it’s them.

I‘ve tied a plastic shopping bag around some of the trusses with nice large tomatoes and it seems to be deterring whatever it is so far. I wasn't able to completely close off the opening, so a smaller bug would still be able to crawl in.

Lastly, it is happening to tomatoes that are all the way on the ground as well as ones that are 2 feet off the ground.

Any help for a desperate gardener?!

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