DIY terra cotta worm farm

J Gangaware
July 31, 2019

I'm very new to all this and was wanting to make a smaller apartment friendly DIY terra cotta worm farm composter, using three different sized height pots, 8in in diameter, the kind with a big hole in the bottom, that will allow 5in to 8in in between each pot. Will those single holes be enough for the worms to go back and forth and also to allow drainage? I plan on adding a type of spigot for the bottom most pot to release the "tea". With these pots essentially nesting inside each other, will this allow for enough air for the worms to breath? ( the top terra cotta pots will not be painted or glazed. However the bottom may be, I'm thinking a more spherical bottom pot) thanks in advance!

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  • Evelyn Gorfram

    I've been vermicomposting in small apartments for year; and, in general, if you build it - and stock it with worms and compostables, and keep it warm, cool, & moist enough - they will compost. I have a balcony in my present apartment, where it's fairly easy for me to keep a worm bin in a 5-gallon bucket. In my previous apartment which had no outdoor space, I mostly used 3.5 gallon buckets, but did have a 1.5 gallon worm jar going for a while.

    The smaller set-up was more sensitive to temperature and moisture level variations, and so I had to keep a closer eye on it; but it worked reasonably well. IMHE, there does seem to be a fall-off point starting somewhere around 2.5 gallons where the efficiency of composting deceases very rapidly with decreasing size. That is, while two five-gallon buckets compost not quite as fast and thoroughly as a 10-gallon bin, two 2-gallon buckets are a great deal slower than one 4-gallon bucket.

    All my worm bins & jars have been plastic. I generally sift & restock every 1-3 weeks or so, and that seems to keep things adequately oxygenated.

    TBH, I'm having a little bit of trouble visualizing your proposed set-up - could you post a a picture or diagram? Even just a quick-&-dirty sketch on the digital equivalent of a paper napkin would help a lot.

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