Accelerate/Improve Tree Growth, Compost in August?

Charley Ruggiero
August 1, 2019

So I have a yard in Zone 7b. The soil is terrible and mostly very hard clay. I've been struggling the last 5 years getting trees and shrubs to grow quickly and remain healthy. I've done mulching and watering following best practices as far as I can research. I want to kick it up a notch this year with compost, which I can get from a local supplier for $30/yd. I was thinking about getting 10 yards, expanding the "mulched" area around all my trees to fully encompass the canopy, then basically peeling back the old mulch, integrating a few inches of compost, using a drill auger in key spots to break up some of the clay and fill with the compost, then push the mulch back over top. Firstly, do you think this would be a fultile effort and secondly, do you think putting the compost down in late august would have any ill effects (ie should I wait until the fall). The only reason I wouldn't do it in fall is that it's my busy season at work.

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