Painter ruined my kitchen cabinets

Theresa Williams
August 13, 2019

I contracted for painting of my veneer stained kitchen cabinets. Saved my money and finally got on painter’s schedule. He advised me he would not be doing the work but that his employee did an excellent job that he would back up. So worker starts on Wednesday, removed doors and primed cabinets. Did off site spraying of doors. Thursday he painted one coat Benjamin Moore Aura on trim and cabinets. Friday morning he began hanging cabinet doors. Owner had told me he would come and help hang doors because they are heavy. He never showed. So I had to help hang the doors, drill the screws, run to Lowe’s twice for screws cause hinges were pulling out. The door surface was still tacky and I noticed dings down to the surface of original veneer. Called my friend who said - “ask him if they even sanded those doors,”. What she didn’t know is that BM Aura states Not to sand. When I got back from Lowe’s owner had made a beeline to my house and was touching up the non sanded spray painted doors with a 3 inch brush. I wanted to say “whoa - what about the brush strokes” but figured he knew what he doing. 4 days later and brush strokes are still obvious on all doors. I told him I want another coat of paint- he said NO. But he does want to come over and sand the BRUSH STROKES and roll those areas.

This seems crazy and might make it even more jacked-up. Too late I figure out that he probably did not sand and prime my doors and drawrers but simply sprayed one coat of BM Aura primer and paint.

Also, worker had agreed to install new hardware on drawers - drew pencil outline on fronts of 8 drawers on soft paint which cannot be covered by touch up. Previous hardware holes were not sanded.

Brush strokes on doors appeared to be to cover black finger prints from dirty hands. Like I said owner knows I’m not happy and wants to smooth out the brush strokes but I’m not interested nor

will I be satisfied unless he puts another coat on doors and drawers.

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