Kahlee Newman
August 13, 2019

So it is just me and my boss in our new office. He has put me in charge of ordering everything and decorating it and I NEED HELP. We just moved in so dont judge too much! This is what we have so far, all he keeps saying is he likes the "minimalist look" so i have this "modern-rustic-farmhouse-minimal" idea in my head and just cant get it out into the room! Yes, his desk is the smaller one, he doesnt want anything on it, but thats not possible....he's a lawyer. And yes I am on the search for two smaller (we like velvet) chairs to go in front of his desk as well! So heres my questions I need advice on:

1. What color velvet chairs should we put in front of his desk?

2. What theme of desk organization should I (the grey L shaped desk) go with? For examples: Wire rustic, clear, rose gold....etc??????

3. He needs atleast a paper organizer on his desk, what theme should i go with on his desk?

4. We both need a "crap drawer/cabinet" under, on the side.....SOMEWHERE for both our desks! Examples and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

5. Lastly we want unique trashcans, any suggestions? We need two small ones!

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