HELP - quartz countertop “burn”

Patricia Thorpe
August 13, 2019

What started as a small ding (project manager thinks caused from diamond bit that was accidentally placed on countertop) has become a bigger issue. Remodel company we used tried to replace this piece of counter with another but it was not from same lot and coloring was way off. They then tried to buff out the defect and it made a much larger haze/burn mark. The remodel company is trying to get us to “live” with it and asking for final payment for job (total $42k - we owe $8 last 20%). I don’t want a discount. I live in my kitchen, I see this defect every day. They are saying they’ll give us a two year warranty, that there are new products coming on market every day and something will be available to help with this mark in the future. What is my recourse, if any. Pics attached are of small divet from initial install to the bigger haze mark from buffing. The finish is completely ruined.

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  • Rebekah Gibbs

    If he refuses to replace the counter due to his error you can check the L&I (labor and industries) website for your state to look at your recourse options. This may also help if you refuse to pay the last 20% until he fixes it and he threatens you with a lien. I'm in WA state and this is our link - if you aren't in WA just google your state:

    Sorry this is happening, I know how expensive countertops are! I wouldn't accept this either.

  • PRO

    What did it look like before they worked on it? B fire anything happened to it?

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    "What is my recourse, if any?"

    Sit on the 8 large until they replace it all. You're in a position of strength; don't blow it.

    I would have fixed the divot before you ever found it.

    I cracked this sink rail, stopped what I was doing, and fixed it. They still haven't found it. Could have cost me 8K if they did.

    Let them try Quartz Renew if they haven't.

  • st5330

    the initial ding may have been livable. wht u have now is not. they need to replace the whole thing. document all communication with them, it should all be via email- no verbal convos

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