Grrrr....darned heat!

Good thing I got pictures of my two brugs blooming like mad this morning, because as soon as the heat hit, it fried nearly all the flowers. I was so hoping to be able to enjoy the blooms for a couple of days, but even though I watered thoroughly, the flowers just couldn't hold up to that horrendous heat this afternoon.

The Charles Grimaldi is in the full afternoon sun, but the Frosty Pink gets a lot of afternoon shade. It is close to the outside wall of the apartment, so maybe the heat just radiates off of that.

I'm going to move my CG into the shade this winter. I already have a FP in the shade, and it does great during the heat. The last time I had a CG, I had it on the east side of my house where it only got sun up to about noon, but this one is right in the direct sun at the hottest part of the day. Evidently not a good place for it. I'll post pics once my tablet recharges.

Comments (4)

  • Glenn Jones(9b)

    I agree it is way too hot

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    And humid! This morning, it was relatively cool, but I walked to the laundry room and back (about 1 block away) a few times to do a load of laundry and I was soaking wet when I got back. Oh well, it's August in Florida. What can we expect? September will be a bit better, then October will bring much needed relief.

  • Glenn Jones(9b)

    This time of year I am not sure if it is sweet or condensation

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    I know, right? This morning, I was walking through a thick fog for awhile, then it was just like the actual air was sweating.

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