Foxtail palm help! Laredo TX

Matt Komblevicz
August 17, 2019
last modified: August 17, 2019

I planted two Foxtail palms last November and on one of them I am down to two fronds which are almost entirely brown. I am not sure what to do to save this one. I am watering two to three times a week and I have a soil moisture meter so that I don't over water; I keep it at low moist to moist. I've fertilized with Miracle Gro palm plant food to spec. The high temperature has been between 105-107 and it is planted in full sun. I'm looking for any advice that you can offer. Thanks.

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  • stanofh 10a Hayward,Ca S.F. bay area

    Two things come to was grown under some shade by the grower and than you bought it and its simply burned in hot direct sun..OR..whatever watering you are doing isn't near enough. Especially for something newly planted.

    Keep it well watered,increase the amount or more often or both, is the cure to both scenarios.

    One more..the crownshaft still looks burn. So,nothing has gone on too can recover.

  • Matt Komblevicz

    I'll give it a shot and increase the water. Thanks for the tip; I feel a little more optimistic now. Fingers crossed, these palms are so beautiful when they are full and healthy.

  • Dave in NoVA • N. Virginia • zone 7A

    Are there other foxtails growing in your region?

  • Matt Komblevicz

    I've seen young foxtails, but have never seen a mature one here. Most of them look like they are struggling as well. I probably should have stuck with a variety that is known to do well here.

  • stanofh 10a Hayward,Ca S.F. bay area

    What kind of low temps did it see? By now,I admit it should have tossed out a few fronds since November. They can survive below freezing..but sometimes they just fade away in marginal climates.

  • stanofh 10a Hayward,Ca S.F. bay area

    I see Laredo is about the warmest 9a climate I've ever heard of. I mean,your coldest months high average is about 70f and goes on to tropical temps most of the year. More than warm enough for Foxtails IF, you never get a hard continental freeze as in past years.

    I think,if it fails try again in spring.

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