Do you mix?

katob Z6ish, NE Pa
August 28, 2019

I'm a mixer. Anything goes in my perennial beds, vines, annuals, bulbs, shrubs.... trees eventually. At this time of year the annual "weeds" such as sunflowers and salvias really keep the border alive, and tender things like dahlias and cannas keep flowering until the first frost.

For some reason I don't mind a messy looking gourd coming up in the new mulch and spreading all over the lawn, but I can't stand looking at a ratty perennial that flowered in May and spends the rest of the year just sitting there. So much nicer to have a clematis smother it in August!

It's more work and mine is messy from April to February, but I do like all that's going on.

I also realize the messiness isn't helped by mowing around milkweeds that sprout up in the lawn, but I like Monarchs more than a like cut grass.

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