Drip Irrigation Debate - 1/2 or 1/4...

5 months ago

So I’ve been debating with myself on whether to install emitters directly into the 1/2 line or not. Not sure if it matters but this bed is established and gets watered very rarely, although that might be why my blooms don’t last.

So it’s possible to do either but:

- it’s easier to install in the half inch line every 12” or so

- if I install in the 1/2” line I don’t need a bunch of spaghetti

- but if I want to change the emitter flow after the fact it’s definitely easier using 1/4”

- it seems like anything in the 1/2” line leaks sooner and you have to splice to fix.

Can anyone help me get off center so I can get this done and hooked up to my new irrigation controller and add some badly needed mulch?

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