Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

September 6, 2019

Starting a new thread as can't seem to find my original one. So please excuse the duplicate post.

Looking for kitchen cabinet hardware - and can't decide which would be the most complimentary.

I'm thinking brass or gold, but I'm DEF. not a pro!

Below is a pix of the kitchen (in the works), and pictures of some of the handles we are considering.

Since I have too many pix, and Houzz doesn't like more than a couple at a time, I'm posting the remainder below this post.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you lovely people can provide, and also welcome any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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  • lulu bella

    What a beautiful kitchen! Each time I look i get a different favorite so I can see why you are having a hard time. They are all stunners.

    That said, my vote would be for the one that is shown attached to the white cabinet (the first in your second post).

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  • megs1030

    Love your kitchen! I agree with a previous poster... the pull that is attached to the white cabinet.

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  • Karen Rose

    I don’t like brass in this kitchen, I see the brushed nickel! It is simply gorgeous!

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  • Momofthree Ma

    Third one in the first post or the second one in the second post. Beautiful space!

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  • Amy K

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I'm redesigning my teeny tiny kitchen now and posts like yours give me serious kitchen envy!

    Honestly, the first thing I thought when I saw your countertops was copper (polished or antiqued) or antiqued nickel. Im not a pro and you can never truly trust the colors on the screen, but that's my 2 cents. As far as style, I love the pull on white cabinet (1st pic on your second post)

    Good luck choosing! Hardware is difficult.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    What is that thing beside the faucet across from the stove.

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  • nhb22

    Jora - I love your kitchen and would like to see some more of the house. Is it a custom plan, or a plan that you found online? Looks familiar to me.

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  • kpyeatt

    I think the brass is going to be way too much for this kitchen. I think an antiqued nickel, as well.

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  • Stacy McMillan

    Will you be adding brass/gold pendants? I think you need brass/gold somewhere else if you want to use in on your cabinet pulls. I like the nickel/silver pulls in your last picture.

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  • Jora

    Lulu - thank you for the compliment, as well as the feedback on which hardware! :)

    local - How did you find it? Thank you! Thank you! :)

    megs - Thank you! :). Feedback is greatly appreciated.

    karen - I think. you may be right! We picked up two handles (none of which we are planning on purchasing) earlier today, just to test colors against the kitchen. The brass is OUT! :). Great eye!

    momof - You and I have identical taste. The two you picked are my two favs.

    Amy - Thank you! Funny you mention copper (antique or polished). The stone has copper veining, and that's what hubby and I thought would compliment the stone the best, however couldn't find any copper pulls! I may start searching again.

    Patricia - I have no doubt you know what 'that thing' is....but in case you are being serious and not sarcastic, it's a pot filler!

    nhb22 - Neither, we bought our house several years ago, and eventually decided to swap out our 6 x 6 beige tiled countertops (mainly because I was tired of keeping the grout brand new), to something easier to keep clean. We replaced the countertops, and then other things took a domino effect.

    kpyeatt - YES, you are correct! We brought home just a basic brass sample home to test the color out - and it def. is not the right finish. :)

  • Jora

    Stacy - We have recessed lighting in the kitchen - 6 to be exact. One of the recessed lights is directly above (and almost centered) with the island. I'd been thinking of putting in a modern light (to match the one hanging from the hallway around the corner) with brass/gold in it. The family room, directly facing the kitchen, has a very large solid wood vertical gold/black mirror on the wall, behind the couch.

    I have used mix of silver and gold in almost all the rooms in the house.

  • salex

    Have you used this shape of pull before? I ask because even though I always prefer pulls to knobs, I had to eliminate all of the pulls shaped like the ones you're considering because the ends caught on my clothing all the time. DH had an even worse time with them because he wears work pants with loops and cargo pockets. Maybe we just get too close to our cabinets though!

    At any rate, I'm in the minority here but I really like the black pulls with brass/gold accents in your kitchen. It's hard to tell from the one photo showing your counter, but it seems that the gold picks up the warm tones of your stone.

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  • nhb22

    Jora - Your kitchen layout, and the information about your living area opposite, reminds me of a SL plan that I have saved for years. Does your Butlers pantry area lead to your dining room, and do you have a walk-in pantry behind your fridge area?

    Anyway, you were talking about changing the recessed light over your island to a fixture. That's not as easy as it sounds, but is doable. If you did not want to go through the expense and cutting around the recessed light, there are kits to convert the recessed can to a light fixture. I recently converted two cans to fixtures in my home. Love the updated look!

    See this link for the Kit.

  • Jora

    sales - Yes, you are correct...our stone has a lot of warm tones, and hence the - main - reason I was thinking of going that route.

    With regards to pulls - I really appreciate the heads up and sharing your experience. I've heard a couple of similar stories as yours. We had similar pulls in our kitchen before, and never had any issues.

    nhb22 - I'm not sure what SL stands for. Yes, the Butler's pantry does lead into the dinning room, but there is no walk in pantry any place - behind the fridge or otherwise. Although I wish we had one.

    Thanks for the heads up on changing the recessed lighting. Our house has/had many of them, and although hubby is not an electrician, he has replaced a few of them with light fixtures already. I love recessed lighting, but you are correct in how a little thing as changing those out can make a huge, updated, look to the space!

  • sofikbr

    I would use copper for pulls. I can't see adding more metal colors to your kitchen. I think it will look amazing. Sorry to mention that, but two elements in your kitchen I personally don't appreciate, metal with wood elements hood. I would do one or another. If you will go with any other colors except stainless steel for pulls, I would change hood to all wood. Second is pot feeler. I never thought it should be by the sink....

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  • nhb22

    SL is Southern Living.

    I forgot that there were now kits to change the cans into light fixture sockets fairly easy. I have been thinking about changing a recessed light in an upstairs bedroom to host a ceiling fan. That's what I was thinking of when I posted the warning to you. A fan requires much more, including cutting out the ceiling and adding support for the fan. ;)

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  • kelkim2

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! May I ask the color of the countertops?

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  • Jora

    Sofi - I appreciate the suggestion on the handle, and the comment on the hood.

    Hubby built the hood in all wood, and although we loved it, as was, we felt that something was missing. So, we added the SS to the hood. May not be for everyone, but important thing is we LOVE it. I had originally intended for copper in lieu of SS, but didn't want to have to worry about the 'living' changes that copper brings, so I settled for SS.

    With regards to the pot filler - having a pot filler next to the sink may not work for you, or some others, but its really a matter of necessity for our household.

    nhb22 - Tee hee....sorry, didn't catch that acronym. :). Our house is a builders/track home grade, and made by Shapell. I'm attaching a 'before' picture for you to see below! :)

    kelkim2 - Thank you! Our countertops are Cristallo quartzite, but our Stone Store referred to it as: Moscovita Oro quartzite! The pictures really do NOT do it justice. When you look at the stone, it has a 3D effect inside (looks deep) with many different facets and colors - white/gray/gold/copper/white crystals.

    nhb22 - As promised above, here is the before pix of the 'before' kitchen!

  • kpyeatt

    amazing transformation! Everything looks beautiful!!!

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  • misa

    Pretty kitchen! How about drawer pulls like these? I think brushed nickel will work better, based on the hood and faucet. Another plus- these will not snag on pant pockets.

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  • nhb22

    Fantastic renovation!

    I like your touch of stainless steel over the cooktop/range. I think once your refrigerator is in, everything will tie together.

    Considering your other finishes, I also vote for a brushed/antiqued nickle on hardware. When we were building our home, with ORB door knobs, everyone said that I should get an ORB sink faucet. I did not care for the look with my porcelain sink (I love a porcelain sink and poo poo'd a stainless steel sink push, along with the ORB faucet push.) I went with a brushed nickle faucet and also used brushed nickle cabinet hardware. They have blended nicely with my KM cherry cabinets and have actually aged to a more antique look. 13 years later, I have no regrets on my kitchen choices.

    The bottom line is to use what you are going to be happiest with!

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  • Jora

    misa - Thank you for the suggestions. I'll def. put that in our 'test' pile. :)

    nhb22 - Thank you for the compliment, the suggestion, as well as sharing your experience.

    I'm not a fan of SS sinks either (too hight maintenance). We had a white single basin porcelain sink prior to countertop replacement, and we opted for a Franke Granite this time. Love how low maintenance it is.

    I agree that ultimately the homeowner is the one who has to live with the decision, so it's always best to get all the advice (pro or otherwise), and then decide what you can honestly love to live with everyday!

  • broncochic

    Your kitchen is gorgeous. Love the idea of copper but I’m also a fan of the mixed handle black/brass. It would add some depth while picking up the warm colors in the countertop. I also completely appreciate the pot filler. Such a pain when cooking a big meal and having to try to move things out of the sink in order to fill a large pot. Doesn’t always work to have one over the stove. Clever idea. No matter what you pick, your kitchen is stunning.

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  • broncochic

    ...Or are they black and copper handles. Either way, love them.

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  • Jora

    broncochic - Thank you!

    A pot filer over the stove will never work for me as I'm OCD about water splattering over my stove! :)

    The handles are black/brass combo, and that combo is my FAV. because of the same reasons you stated. Hubby is the one who can't see the vision of the mix. Although he is supportive of my decisions/taste, and always says "I'm just a guy, so I'm OK with anything". :)

  • Jora

    Another question (and I'm pretty sure I can guess the answer! ;) )

    Is it OK to put two different colors of handles in the kitchen? I'm thinking a combo of black/gold (or brass) on the bottom ones, and just gold or brass on the top!

    Also, if my idea doesn't get shot down TOO quickly....if I do, should they be exact styles (different colors), or will be OK to have different styles as well?

  • Sara

    Lovely kitchen! And this is a serious question, not a criticism-pot filler next to a sink? How is that better/different than just using your faucet?

  • Jora

    Sara - My family cooks a lot, and we are always waiting for someone to finish something with the faucet to get water ready for cooking. Like I said earlier, may not be for everyone, but we didn't design out kitchen for others. We designed it to suit our own needs.

  • Lisa

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! Currently undergoing a kitchen renovation and love all the pulls you picked, what brands are the pulls in the pics you posted? I'm like to do a knurled brass pull on my island and black/gold on the outer cabinets

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I was being serious why on earth would you have a pot filler right beside your faucet. As for your hardware I will mention any kind of knobs or pulls that have grooves or are textured will be a PITA to keep clean so keep that in mind.

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