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Betty Manen
5 days ago
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I am Re-decorating my living room and I am having a huge dilemma. I’ve been buying different pieces that I felt in love with! :) Now have three huge buffets style like in my small living room !One

buffet, one server, one console, and with all different styles plus a statue on the corner. I want to add a lounging chaise to add some texture to the room. I know I am loosing my mind! I need help!!! i want to keep all the Pieces and add the chaise to complete the look! Above is the picture of the chaise! I think the chaise will bring the color of the mirrors together! its not here yet! But I am planing on pickling it up tomorrow!Can i actually keep all pieces and reorganize them differently? Any suggestions please!!!

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  • IdaClaire

    Can you take a photo of the other side of the room so that we can get the complete picture of what's in this space? From what I can see, you have furniture in every possible nook and cranny, and it's just way too much. Two of the three table-like pieces need to go, and the server between the chairs is much too tall to be used there. The only way you'll be able to make that chaise work is to be willing to pare this room WAY down, and use only a few of the current pieces. Editing is good, though. It'll keep your home from looking like a consignment store.

  • Betty Manen

    thank you Idaclaire, I just posted more pics if that help!

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  • Betty Manen

    Idaclaire , do you think the chaise will compliment the chairs? If so I am willing to let the some those console go!

  • IdaClaire

    Yes, that helps a lot!

    Here's what I would do if I were trying to fit in the chaise:

    • Move the table and console out and use elsewhere in the house
    • Move the server/bar to the space between the windows
    • Move the large statue to the corner where the console currently resides
    • Move the two white chairs a little closer together, try angling them towards one another slightly
    • Place a small table between the two white chairs ... The little round one in front of the window is probably too small, but I don't think the ottoman in the corner will work either. You just want a small table where a person can sit a drink down.
    • When you get the chaise, try angling it in the corner where the statue currently is. I can't tell if it will jut out into the room too much ... Actually, you might try angling the two white chairs towards each other a bit and putting the coffee table between them. This will create a bit more room for the chaise.

    Good luck! I know it's hard to make things work sometimes, and you just have to keep playing around with it until inspiration strikes. I like your artwork, but it too may need to be edited some once you get the furniture arrangement as you want it.

  • IdaClaire

    I think the chaise is more elegant than the chairs. I also wonder about the durability of the fabric. Do you know what it's upholstered in?

  • Betty Manen

    Thank you so much for your advice! As far as the material, the chair is made by Marge Carson. I still don’t know what material it made out off, just some folk that bought it and don’t want it anymore. but I will research it just be on the safe side! I will follow your ideas and move things around. Unfortunately I do not have anywhere else where to put these others two console I am literally stuck I will have to move them to my sunroom!
    ;( I end up with it while I was looking for the server and when found the server I couldn’t let go! So that’s the story behind it! The one with the circle is my baby I score that at value city furniture way before the server and the other big piece I don’t want to get rid of if! But I am definitely getting rid of the big one! Thank you so much for you help! I appreciate you! I will keep you posted once the chaise arrived! ❤️

  • Betty Manen

    Also what did you mean by “jut out into the room”! Thanks!

  • Kendrah

    I had to smile because that first pic looks like I am walking into a really nice pedi salon! The chairs are just facing directly forward so I don't imagine talking to the other person sitting in the chair next to me. Instead, I'm just closing my eyes in a big chair while my feet soak in some nice water!

    Seriously, I don't have too many suggestions other than to say that this room looks incredibly welcoming and I think the chaise would be a great addition if you can figure out how to shift everything else around.

  • tatts

    The quantity of corks would indicate that you were a bit tipsy when you went on a buying spree. ;)

    The room's too full. Those chairs are much too large for that room and the people sitting in them are isolated from each other by the bar.

    And it's very cluttered. If it were cluttered with personal items or art, that would be different, but it's just Chinese décor store stuff that has no place in a home. That stuff is for dentists' waiting rooms. Get rid of it; make the space personal. Your kids are shoved off in a corner, while fake flowers take center stage.

  • Betty Manen

    Kendrah ,thank you for you comments and suggestions. I am taking note!

  • Betty Manen

    Funny how you said it! Tatts, thank you for all your critics. Like I mentioned earlier i am still decorating.Trying to relocate items and different pieces of furnitures. Thanks for all your suggestions!

  • allison0704

    Agree, too many pieces crammed in a tiny room. I mostly agree with IdaClaire, but is there a corner in the entry area for the statue? I think it needs to float on its own. The console table would also be a nice foyer piece.

    Everything is lined up against the walls - pull chairs out and angle towards each other a little.

    Too many accessories - take out everything and start over. Place a ONE group of three items (for example, sideboard has 3 candlesticks and 3 vases - don't use both). If you want to keep the bar(?) looking like a bar, remove half of the bottles and add bar accessories (a martini shaker, ice bucket, etc). Take the round tray on off the round coffee table and use it under the liquor bottles. Vary heights when layering accessories. Don't repeat round on top of round, square on top of square. Vary sizes, shapes and textures. Lastly, use restraint.

    I also think you are buying pieces that are too large for your space/walls. A table, console, whatever should not be the same size as the wall it's going on.

    Can the larger sideboard go in the DR or breakfast area? Looks like another piece is just around the corner. Can it go there? Can you sell some of your older pieces since you've bought new items?

    You have some nice pieces, I just think it needs editing and rearranging. It will get there!

  • Reeses Pieces

    This is a very busy room. Can you put your chaise where the mirrored console table is and move the table to another room? Also, may I suggest adding pillows to your furniture that don’t match them to tie your decor into the room better.

  • Betty Manen
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Alison, thank you so much! You don’t know how much all your suggestions mean to me
  • Betty Manen

    Thank you so much Reeses!

  • yumelizabeth

    I agree with just about every comment here. You do have some nice things you just need to edit accessories and get furniture under control. Is it just me or would the mirrors look better closer together? They look funny to me directly over each chair. Good luck!

  • lisamattheis

    I really like what you’re working with. I think the chairs need to come out. Everything is pushed against the walls and it has a stuffed awkward feel. I would pull the 2 chairs out so the are on a semi diagonal to see the other person. Possibly with the back of chairs on window wall?? I wish I could be in the room haha. As someone mentioned above, maybe put mirrors closer together and above that piece underneath. Remove the buffet that’s all alone in the corner? GOOD luck. I like where your head is at!

  • tartanmeup

    If I were you, I'd first do a scale drawing on graph paper with outlets and windows clearly marked. Measure your furniture and cut them out on paper so you can play with them on the paper layout. A lot easier to move paper around than actual furniture pieces. (Two dimensions don't tell the whole storey, of course, but it helps to see what fits easily.) Secondly, I'd think about how I want to use the space and arrange the seating accordingly. Conversation? Lounging? Cocktails? Decide furniture placement for function first then tweak proportions. (At first glance, the chairs do look too big for the space.) I love @allison0704's idea of floating the statue. It would look good with more room to breathe and be seen.

  • Yayagal

    Please show us an AFTER photo so we can be happy with you.

  • Betty Manen

    Thank you, for all you comments and suggestions !❤️

  • Betty Manen

    Thanks again Allison704! I appreciate all your suggestions! I am getting to it now!!!

  • decoenthusiaste

    Stop falling in love and use Houzz to find a room that "sings" to you. Then shop with that room in your mind and copy what you can. Living rooms require seating. Chaises aren't for sitting; more for sleeping. Have you thought of using it in your bedroom. Eliminate all but your one favorite table. Get some seating so you can share your space with others.

  • IdaClaire

    Stop falling in love and use Houzz to find a room that "sings" to you. Then shop with that room in your mind and copy what you can.

    I'm going to disagree with this suggestion -- although I think it was probably offered to help the OP narrow focus and refrain from simply collecting "stuff" without a plan. I think it's perfectly fine to keep falling in love with objects; in fact, I'd encourage it because I would never want to see a person copy ideas of what constitutes "good decor" from random houses shown online. Certainly peruse photos here at Houzz and elsewhere (just Google, which will bring up tons of interior design pics), figure out what speaks to you, and then determine how you can use your own beloved items to pull together a room based on similar design principles. But gosh, please don't feel you must "copy" something that's already out there. Your home should reflect YOU, and the things you love. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it makes for a rather uninspired home, IMO.

  • freedomplace1

    You have great style.

    Maybe something like this setup? Not necessarly the same arrangement for your space, but just a pic for inspiration,

    And another one.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Just trying to rein in the unbridled spending on a chaotic bunch of nice pieces, IdaClaire. They all have merit, but don't play together very well. Seating has been sacrificed to buffet/table mania. Pick a winner and work with it; let the others go. Sometimes the OP just needs a guideline to follow, and often the right inspopic can have the effect of focusing the love affair into a viable room, which this one is not, right now.

  • Betty Manen
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Hi everyone , thanks for your love , support, suggestions and also your criticism. Believe me the critics help me realize that I could possibly be a shopaholic! I admit i have been renovated for a while.From remodeling my kitchen to adding some stone to my mantel in the family room! To turning the garage into the boys room, replacing all the carpet into wood floor to remodeling my master bedroom and the bathroom expending my walking closet into my guess room! and finally upgrading the girls bedroom. The upgrading part to me was the easiest! Decorating on the other hand is where my Dilemma come in! My taste in decor it a little bit of everything. First, Comfort is something I cannot do without! Élégance i have to have! I had to say that in French! I am African & I am a French speaking girl! beautiful,rare and daring it how I describe my personality! To Translate That in the decorating Wold will quite be interesting! So going back to remodeling and redecorating was more bigger that i anticipated it will be! So that been said it’s taking a while, to complete so many different upgrades! The good news is, y’all come to my rescue!!! And I love you all!!!❤️
    We made some progress, I moved things around a bit! The chaise and guess what!!!! It big too! But wait it’s so gorgeous y’all! I spent very little to nothing for what that chaise is worth! I hope you like the progress!!! Without further ado!!!! So I tried all the different angles to see what it would actually look like!
    Let me know idaclaire , Allison704, lisamatteis,kendrah,freedomace and all the folks in this chat room I appreciate y’all ❤️
  • IdaClaire

    Yay! Can't wait to see updated photos of what you've done in your space.

    I have friends who are also French-speaking Africans, having immigrated to the US from the DRC. Such amazingly beautiful, warm and friendly people! I think you convey that same vibe as well.

  • Betty Manen

    I try posting but it didn’t upload... please be patience with me! I am still getting used to my iPhone

  • Betty Manen

    I having put the rug down because it needs some tlc...I will try sending better angles of the pic

  • Betty Manen

    Now keep in mind,I try most of your suggestions before the chaise came in! There goes the sneak peek of that! Just so know this is so far the best option! I got to keep my favorite pieces and still love my room! My favorite was the one with the coffee table between the recliners!

  • vandar

    Nice variations. Longing to see the final result.

  • allison0704

    I like the bar between the windows, and the addition of round tray on top.

    Did you try the chairs with small round table under mirrors, and the new settee opposite?

    I don't care for the statue between the white chairs (everything in this is white - needs variation).

    If the chairs are still on same wall with round table between, turn the chair on the left (when facing chairs) a little. It's angled too much.

  • Betty Manen

    Allison704, I didn’t have a small round table except for that small fossilized clams little table so I did try the coffee I like it! but the chaise is to big for the opposite corner. It hang to far out and throw off the rest of. Actually every pieces I kept means a lot to me! From the cow skin side table to the fossilized clams side table as well! I try to incorporate everything I love and tried every possible angle but so far this is the only one that doesn’t make the chaise being out of place. I will be taking more pics with the chaise the next time around so y’all can decide you favorite configuration! Thanks ❤️

  • Betty Manen

    For those who asked me if I had a foyer, I wish! unfortunately no foyer,no formal dining! I have what they call a great room! Opens to my kitchen,Breakfast nook area. I love it that way! Especially after the Reno! We get to interact with one another, the kids get to seat around the island while I am cooking,they can watch tv in our big comfy sofa chaise that leads to the tv on top of the mantel! As much as I love decorating i don’t like space that sit for show room. i like to use all the space in my house! I will upload some of my upgrades later on my profile page. If anyone care to look! The only thing that I hate is that my walls are not higher. I wish I had a 9ft ceiling for the simple fact that I like large furniture! bought my house about 14 years ago I was 26 then I didn’t know much about house then! We just wanted a place for us and our little angels .They not little anymore! My 1st is a senior and my twins are sophomores and my baby is 9! I wouldn’t move because I did too many upgrades and don’t want another mortgage! No thanks! I have tuitions to pay and also send my babies to college. No moving for me anytime soon!
    There for, help me make this work. Please!!!

    again I am a forever evolving trendy Savvy style of the moment with a mixture of latest styles and pieces from the past kinda girl!❤️

  • allison0704

    I think the last one is the best so far.

    Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Congrats on your renovation and your home working for your family. That's what it is all about!

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