Drystack Fireplace gone wrong- how to fix it?

September 11, 2019

Per our contract we picked out a gray (only gray or lighter stone the rock yard had) flagstone to be cut into veneer to make our fireplace. We initially conceived of a thin lines of drystack stone for a clean and contemporary look. The house is contemporary but in the woods: upscale cabin.

The mason said they could do it, we asked for samples, they never provided any samples or photos, we tried to meet with them 2x and they never showed- the workers were there but the mason was gone. I have a feeling the workers just threw it up and the mason did not oversee (the GC was also not present)The fireplace is finished and it looks... off. Not to mention the firebox is on the ground (should be on a platform so it’s higher with a higher hearth- 12-16”?) And they put the outlets on top of mantel. I guess I’m just going to lower the mantel (it’s at 6’ high) so the tv can cover them?

Long story short the Builder has agreed to “make it right” even if it requires tearing it down and redoing it.

Because the stones are not exactly the same size and they used scrap (small stones) The lines are off and it looks sloppy.

-Do I ask them to cut the stones straighter and try to fix it drystack?

-Do I ask them to wet lay the stones with grout and keep the pattern?

What’s the most practical answer?

First fireplace was Drystack inspo photo, the inter one was inspo for proportions of hearth and mantelpiece.

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