Seedling Chive Paper Cup Molding?

Hi! I planted some chives last week and noticed that although my chives finally sprouted, the bottom of the cup seems to have started molding. What should I do other than putting it in the windowsill since it has finished germinating? Or is it even mold? Am I just worrying too much?

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  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    What the heck? I mean, what kind of system is that? The image is a bit blurry, actually.

  • writinglover0101_10b_scali

    It's a paper cup... I'm in college and one of the events was to plant seeds but like I think the paper is taking up the water and not drying out quickly enough. I imagine I need to repot it sometime but do I need to do it now so that the seedlings don't get affected by the mold? I ended up having to compress the other one so hopefully this one is better

  • writinglover0101_10b_scali

    That's how far they are along... the tallest is MAYBE an inch tall, so I'm not sure if repotting it would be a good idea right now...

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    Mold on the bottom of the cup is nothing to worry about. It won't affect the plants. Usually people use plastic rather than paper cups. They don't absorb water.

    writinglover0101_10b_scali thanked floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK
  • writinglover0101_10b_scali

    @floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK thanks for letting me know so I don't stress out over them! Yeah, I would have used a plastic cup but my friend planted it for me lol

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