Looking for scented and variegated Streptocarpus.

nmushka (7; Virginia)
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Looking for leaves/babies from named variegated, scented, or fantasy Streptocarpus.
Here are my haves:African Violets• Biscayne Trail• Cherokee Trail• Chris Lepparo• Day in April• Ds Duchess• Hunter’s Chilly Willy• Hunter’s Pink Camo• Hunter’s Storm Clouds• Hunter’s White Tailed Fawn• Jersey Snowflakes• Lasswell’s Girl Friday (?)• Ma’s Butterfly Garden• Mac’s Just Jeff• Milky Way Trail• Natchurly Nawlins• Ness’s Crinkle Blue• Nymph Fly• Optimara Friendship• Optimara Indiana• Pearly Buttons• Pink Dove• Playful Spectrum (Sport)Stargazer• Private Dancer• Rob’s Astro Zombie• Rob’s Boolaroo• Sunset Kiss• Tinari’s Royal Blue• Tommie Lou• Trail Along• Tverskiye Uzory• Winter Star• Wranger’s High Sierras
Streptocarpus• Angelina Jolie• Dem Gypsy Baron• Noreen• Raydar’s Mollye• Vanda• Wow!• Zlotko
Streptocarpella- Blueberries and Cream- NOID Blue
Kohleria- Silver Feathers
Sinningia-“Skydiver” xself-Bullata-NOID from Gesneriad Society seed-NOID mini pink-NOID summer
"Porcelain Doll"
"Aimee Saliba"
“Heartland’s Joy”
Jim’s Cardinal Sunset
Pearl Drops
Pink Acajou

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