Magnolia laevifolia warm fuzzies

10 months ago
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I have two magnolia laevifolia warm fuzzies. The first picture is what they looked like in spring. They were planted last October. They decided to put on a lot of growth since this spring and I had to re-stake them with a longer stake. Well I guess I hit some roots on one of them, because it’s health has been on a decline ever since.

I gave it some wildroot organic mycorrhizal fungi, kelp extract and humid acid (of course all were diluted properly). The branches are drooping and the leaves are turning yellow and brown, then falling off. This is suppose to be an evergreen. Should I cut some growth of to accommodate the damaged roots? Just wait and see if it survives the winter? I just don’t know. I really want it to survive because finding a replace of the same size is going to be hard. I could contact the nursery I brought it from and just order another one and wait for it to catch up if it dies. Neither one of them put out any flowers in the spring time. The good one is starting to bud up.

Located in Portsmouth, va. Zone 8a.

Both plants are on drip, 2 gallon an hr emitters (turned off because of the amount of rain we’ve been getting and ground is staying moist), located on the northeast side of the house. Gets sun from morning up until 2 pm.

I took of all the yellow/brown leaves.

The one that’s doing fine.

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