looking for feedback on proposed kitchen layout

November 8, 2019

I’d like to get some feedback on a first draft design for our kitchen. We are planning on removing a wall that currently exists between thekitchen and the family room, and adding an island.


  1. The wall with the refrigerator is outset from the family room, so we can just have a narrow wall to the left of the refrigerator. I’d like all stainless steel appliances, and have some concern about how it will look having the refrigerator so close to the family room.
  2. Where we are showing the pantry is currently a 48x22” cabinet. We were thinking of pushing it out as shown and making it a small walk-in/step-in pantry. Will we being gaining enough, or anything, by making it a pantry which will have shelves that are shallow, in lieu of keeping it at is with pull out drawers? The other interest in a pantry was having a place for a broom and step stool, since my laundry room where we keep them now is on the other side of the house.
  3. We have our trash bin planned to the left of the range top, to the right of sink? Will having it right by the cooking area be any issue with trash smells?
  4. How is the size of the island, based on the kitchen layout? Are the walking paths between and refrigerator clear enough, or should we make the island a little narrower?
  5. We are planning on 24” deep cabinets on the kitchen side of island, and 18” cabinets on the family room side, with a 12” overhang. We do not anticipate eating meals on the island, so the overhand will likely accommodate casual seating. What kind of cabinets are best suited for the family room side, where we would have to reach under the overhand to access them? Shelves, drawers, pull-outs?

Any suggestions on improving the layout would be appreciated.

Thank you

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