looking for feedback on proposed kitchen layout

November 8, 2019

I’d like to get some feedback on a first draft design for our kitchen. We are planning on removing a wall that currently exists between thekitchen and the family room, and adding an island.


  1. The wall with the refrigerator is outset from the family room, so we can just have a narrow wall to the left of the refrigerator. I’d like all stainless steel appliances, and have some concern about how it will look having the refrigerator so close to the family room.
  2. Where we are showing the pantry is currently a 48x22” cabinet. We were thinking of pushing it out as shown and making it a small walk-in/step-in pantry. Will we being gaining enough, or anything, by making it a pantry which will have shelves that are shallow, in lieu of keeping it at is with pull out drawers? The other interest in a pantry was having a place for a broom and step stool, since my laundry room where we keep them now is on the other side of the house.
  3. We have our trash bin planned to the left of the range top, to the right of sink? Will having it right by the cooking area be any issue with trash smells?
  4. How is the size of the island, based on the kitchen layout? Are the walking paths between and refrigerator clear enough, or should we make the island a little narrower?
  5. We are planning on 24” deep cabinets on the kitchen side of island, and 18” cabinets on the family room side, with a 12” overhang. We do not anticipate eating meals on the island, so the overhand will likely accommodate casual seating. What kind of cabinets are best suited for the family room side, where we would have to reach under the overhand to access them? Shelves, drawers, pull-outs?

Any suggestions on improving the layout would be appreciated.

Thank you

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  • mark_rachel

    I would personally ditch the corner sink.

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  • Susan

    The reason for the corner sink is that we have a very nice view out the 2 windows, plus a dislike for the corner cabinetry (carousel, swinging pullouts). The sink could fit under the left window, but then I'd be stuck with a corner cabinet.

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  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    So that's this layout, which isn't your preference, but it will give you more space in front of the sink, and more prep space between the sink and range:

    Firstly, I would be concerned about the pinch-point between the island and table, but the island can be shortened. Secondly, you appear to be measuring from cabinet to cabinet, rather than counter to counter. Your counter overhangs will add 1" - 1.5", and the fridge door will add a few inches--and the handle will add a few more.

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  • Susan

    MW Drawer is Microwave Drawer? We were planning on that originally, but then we decided to get a steam oven as one of our double ovens. From what I've heard that can pretty much replaces a microwave. I'd hate to use up cabinet space on a microwave that I would just use to heat up my tea. I thought we'd put a small microwave in the pantry, plugged in in that small pantry.

    I like your idea of having some of the cabinets open to the side of the island. That could help on the overhang side, and near the dishwasher.

    We did not consider the countertop overhangs. Thank you. And my husband agrees with you that we should have the extra room on the refrigerator side of the island. I think our table will be ok. We'll be replacing it, and would probably get a square or round. And my husband thinks we should push the island another 6" towards the family room, and make the space between island and cooktop 54". We often cook together.

    Regarding the corner, I like the idea of extra space by the range top, but that leaves the corner. We have a Super Susan now (put in by previous owner), and do not like it.

  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    I drew the MW drawer near the fridge, since so many MW'd items are taken from the fridge--but if all you do is reheat tea, then it might not be a good return on investment.

    You can void the corner, and have wider drawers to the left of the range. If you use a 30" sink cabinet, you'd have space for a 12" trash pull-out to the right of the sink. Just make sure you account for enough filler on each side of the corner to allow the drawers to open past the hardware on the perpendicular cabinets. And if the DW is directly beside the fridge you'll need a return panel to support the countertop. Are you using side panels on the fridge?

    ETA, I never have a problem with an off odor in the trash pull-out, but I'm careful about what's allowed in there--no meat wrappings, and we compost organic matter.

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  • Susan

    The left side of the refrigerator is against an outside wall because the kitchen is outset 24" from the family room. We'll be adding a small (approx 6") of wall just as a divider. The other side of the refrigerator will have a wall panel.

    12" for trash would not allow for recycling, so I'm not sure about that. But it's something to think about.

    What is it about the corner sink that is a problem? We had the same 42" corner sink cabinet in my last house. It was pushed in about 4 inches, so we could reach the window.

    For my current home, the only negative I see is that we only have approx 18" of counter space to the right and left of the range top. I would like more, so will think about the suggestions given here.

  • ccwatters

    A corner sink uses a lot of space but provides minimal storage. Mama goose gave you an option that provides a more standard setup (better for resale if that would ever matter to you), as well as a more efficient use of both storage and counter space (both things you will enjoy and appreciate!)

    I'm wondering what it is you dislike about your current Super Susan cabinet....they are a bit annoying to open/close and feel a little old fashioned, but I personally think that if you get a well-made SS, they can house a lot of bulky items beautifully (slow cooker, nesting bowls, food processor, colanders, etc....heavy/awkward things that you don't want taking up standard cabinet space)

    Adding to what Mamagoose set up, I would make further changes to your island, seating area and pantry as follows:
    Your island is too large for your desire to have a kitchen table as pictured with the proper clearances.

    I would shrink island to 72" X 42" and turn it so that

    • the long side goes ALONG the refrigerator wall ( facing kitchen table). This way you have 69" of working cabinetry and 3" of countertop overhang on each end)
    • Then FACING the refrigerator wall you have a 15-18" overhang backing up to the table side that is 72" long for (3) counterstools

    I would keep the pantry as cabinetry. This allows for more breathing room and better clearances as well, plus the walk-in pantry you had won't offer much more storage because the door swing will take up a good amount of space (unless you do a sliding pocket door but you need more room for that than I believe you have)

    Turned - smaller - island, and cabinet-pantry:

    This will give you a good size working island that also allows for seating, and the necessary room for kitchen table, chairs, and pathway/clearances.

    All that being said, I think that you may be underestimating how much space a table and chairs will take up. You only appear to have 96" of width to fit the table, chairs and clearances in. Your 96"(space) - 42" (standard table width) = 54" (remaining). Divide that in two and that's just 27" per side for chairs and clearance. So if I have your dimensions right/to scale, a better solution for table and chairs could be:

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  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    ccwatters rotation of the island solves the pinch-point issue, although I like the view of the island parallel to the range.

    I also like the way a corner sink looks with lots of light streaming in large corner windows, but having the DW beside the sink leaves little room to stand while you're loading and unloading. It's better if there's at least a narrow cabinet between the DW and sink.

    Here's an option for a corner cabinet recycle center:

  • felizlady

    The corner sink is a problem. When you are rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher you will drip on the floor and bump your leg on the dishwasher door. The dishwasher should be immediately next to the sink on the same wall.
    The island is too big and the walkways are not quite wide enough. You need to be able to easily walk between an open appliance door and the island.
    The kitchen table is too large. When you have chairs with people in them, there’s isn’t enough room to move easily around the table.

  • emilyam819

    The corner windows are already there? If so, I understand wanting to keep the sink in the corner. It’s imperative that you inset it as pictured so you have a little room to stand when trash or DW are open. But something’s gotta give. 36” cooktop is too big. Either downsize that or give up wall ovens.

    And the island is way too big and the deep pantry won’t provide much more space than a regular 18” 24” deep closet ( and you need the aisle space).

  • Susan

    Corner windows are already there. We thought about moving them, but prefer not to add that additional expense.

    You've all given me a lot to think about and I appreciate it the critique. As emilyam819 said "something gotta give". I'm going to work on it some more, and am also making plans for a kitchen designer. Thank you! This forum is a great resource.

  • Lisa Lester

    I kept my corner sink and still like it. Trying to post....

  • emilyam819

    ^ That pullout is very nice for providing space to stand in front of sink while DW is open.

  • Lisa Lester


    in my pics our sink looks small but it’s actually almost too large. A cookie sheet can lay flat. Also - not sure if you can tell in my pic but we revised the two upper cabs next to the sink by knocking off the leading corner so they are actually triangle shaped. This opened up the. Corner so it doesn’t feel too closed in while you are standing at the sink. We store supplements in the cabs...

  • Lisa Lester


    cab shop actually spec’d a filler there but I narrowed the drawer stack to the left of the DW and requested that pull-out for cleaning supplies. I was so tired of having to step back from the sink to open cabinet doors to access the supplies kept below! The narrow drawer stack to the left of the DW works perf for coffee pods in the top drawer and tea bags in the second drawer. Our Keurig normally sits on the counter there.


    I was able to work on-line with Linda at A Cooks Kitchen to do our redesign. It worked really great for us - even with 20+ years construction experience between myself and hubs having a kitchen expert was invaluable.

  • Jamie Travis

    I think the corner sink will look good given your existing windows. What I have an issue with is the range/hood is not center with the island. Have you considered doing away with the separate double ovens? They make other options for still having two ovens while giving you more counter space. And you could center your stove and give yourself more space at the sink.

  • Jamie Travis

    Also, for your fridge dilemma... they do make a few paneled types. However, I don’t think a fridge would ruin your living room view.

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  • Susan

    Good point about the rangetop. I hadn't considered that it would be better centered with the island. My husband and I are both just north of 70 years old, and we were concerned about whether bending down to access the oven would be a problem in the not too distant future.

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