rose hips - hairless from inside?

Srdjan Gavrilovic
4 months ago

I have a Rosa canina growing in my yard and once I tried hips I got very nicely surprised. Now, I like eating them at two points, first time when just ripe, they have a nice sub-acidic taste with pleasureful aroma. The 2nd time is when hips get frosted (e.g. atm in my area), and turn jam like again with a very pleasureful flavor. Hips stay on the bush all through a winter and, when passing by, I just take few inside to defrost and eat.

The issue is that hips have annoying hairs inside (surrounding seeds). They completely spoil joy of having rose hip as fruit. The rose I have yields fruits with not very thick fruit wall (hypanthium) and the hairs get easily into mouth. The hairs are very irritating.

Is there any specie/var without those hairs?

Are there varieties out there selected for fruit quality?

Best, Srdjan

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