Lacanche cluny or Monogram 48" range

e g
November 30, 2019

First time poster here. Thanks to everyone for all the amazing information thats already here! I'm having a lot of trouble making a decision about a range for our kitchen remodel. My DH does not want to hear any more about it, so here I am! Haha.

We're still in the planning stages but most likely will have a 9ft wall span for the range, so size is flexible. I have basically narrowed it down to either the Lacanche Cluny (incredibly beautiful and functional too) vs the Monogram 48" dual fuel range with griddle. We have a small family (for now) and I cook 3-4 nights a week (we eat leftovers the other nights). I am by no means a gourmet chef (I make a lot of Ina Garten recipes) but I do like to make things from scratch and use the stove top and ovens most days when preparing foods. One of the things I like in my kitchen now is we have a 30" range with double ovens. I use the top smaller oven frequently to roast veggies or fish and like the idea of a smaller oven to use regularly. I do a lot of baking as well and always use the full-size oven for this, but this is less often. We do not have space for wall ovens in the design (and I prefer the look of a range anyway).

I like the Monogram because of the good reviews of its baking capabilities, and they are having a deal right now. I like the idea of a griddle but understand I can always buy a removable one if I go with Lacanche. My concern about the monogram is that the small everyday oven will not fit a half sheet pan which I use almost daily when cooking. How much of an issue will it be to have to use only quarter sheet pans for everything? For those who have this range, do you find the everyday oven to be too small? And the large oven is enormous, does it take forever to heat up?

As far as the Lacanche, I am concerned about the non-standard size should it ever need to be replaced. And, am I just buying into luxury advertising, because these ranges don't have many of the features of many less expensive models in the US (glide out racks, self cleaning, digital read out of oven temp, etc)? Not to mention the exorbitant cost of shipping! But the idea of 2 smaller ovens is very appealing and from what I have read, it is a very solid workhorse. I believe the half sheet pan will fit into the Cluny ovens, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your suggestions!

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  • mishmosh2000

    48" all gas Monogram here. I couid be wrong, but because of the burner size on the larger Monogram oven, it preheats faster than the everyday oven. That said, it's not a big difference in time. I would say we use the everyday oven to larger oven about 60:40% of the time. Both broilers are great so both ovens are fully functional--the everyday oven is not a neutered oven. Although not as fast as toaster oven, the everyday oven has completely replaced the excellent Breville that we used to have. I don't know about the current 48" Monograms but our 2017 has just enough tech (timer, meat thermometers, temp display, etc) to be useful without the fluff. Rock solid performance so far. We love ours!

  • beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally

    Have you looked at Thermador or Miele? Or DCS? I'd search through both the Appliance and Kitchen forum archives for posts.

    Do you have the chance to look at/use either a Lacanche Cluny or GE Monogram in person? If so, I'd bring your sheet pan.

  • lucky998877

    Could we just keep this conversation focused in the 48" size that she is asking about...and not judge and tell everyone that no one should have a 48" range?

  • mackdolan

    What 54” hood and make up air system are you planning? Because it will cost as much or more than the range.

    A half sheet pan will easily fit in a 30“ BlueStar. So will a full one. You don’t need to go to 48” to have that happen. Or to get 22K burners.

  • lucky998877

    And there we go...no one should possibly need or want a 48"...they should be forbidden ;)

  • e g

    Thank you for your feedback! I have seen the Monogram in person, but still trying to arrange to see the Lacanche.

    mackdolan, good point about the make up air issue. However, I think even a 30" BlueStar recommends 600cfm, so I probably can't avoid it even if I get a 36" range. I have to admit that I am aware of make up air, but am unsure about the actual cost of installation or what exactly it requires. Anyone care to share the details of their own make up air installation?

  • wekick

    A couple of things. It looks like Monogram is coming out with new models or versions of their models because the website says available in 2020. I would ask what the differences are.

    Some people have reported difficulties in cleaning the griddle because the surface is stainless steel. There are discrepancies in the manual.

    These are the instructions in two different places

    I would consider an add on griddle even with the Monogram. For one thing, the area of the 2 burner griddle is small. An add on can have about 50% more area. I use a heavy aluminum 15”x23” from Royal industries. It comes in bare aluminum which can season or with a nonstick coating. Stainless steel is much more difficult to season if you ever can other than a quick one time temporary seasoning that must be repeated.


    Some people like Chef King, which seasons well like cast iron but is not quite as even heating as the aluminum one.

  • Garderner2014

    Hi eg, I have the Lacanche Chagny, which is very similar to the Cluny. The difference is that the Chagny has a small petit roasting oven ( you give up a storage drawer for the petit oven). This beautiful range is built to last, but if it should need a repair the company is super quick to respond, customer service is the best. I wanted a range that did not have self cleaning or digital readouts. My ovens are wonderful. At Thanksgiving I had the 3 oven plus the warming cabinet in use. I use a potable griddle on it. This range is so functional. I have owned my range over 5 years now and would buy it again if ever needed. Yes half sheet pans work. I feel the range is worth every penny it cost because it is a quality range and not a luxury item. Yes it cost more, but you get so much more. I would recommend you contact Art Culinaire Lacanche, hopefully you will see one in person, and the petit oven is a must for roasting veggies. Good luck.

  • e g

    Thanks for the advice! wekick, I will try to find out what changes are coming in 2020 for Monogram. Garderner2014, I have reached out to Lacanche to hopefully set up to see one in person. My gut is leaning toward Lacanche but hard to actually commit the $$ and delivery takes a long time, although my project has wiggle room in the start date. And the monogram and Cluny models aren't far off one another in price anyway.

  • megs1030

    Hi eg, I have a Cluny 1400 and have been using it for the last 2ish months. You will not be able to fit a 1/2 sheet pan in the ovens. I, too, used one for roasting veggies weekly and making a specific recipe of brownies (maybe annually). I now roast veggies on 1/4 sheet pans and will work to adjust that brownie recipe the 1x per year I bake them. I love the smaller ovens! There is less oven space to heat up which means my food is roasting / baking on the shorter end of the time window given in a recipe. In addition to the smaller sheet pans, I did have to purchase a smaller roasting pan for turkey and chicken. Depending on which top you choose (Classique or Traditional), your range will come with a slew of accessories, including cookie sheets for each oven.

    You will find that while the racks are not on an easy glide mechanism, they slide out super easily and are lightweight. I believe the ovens are easy to clean as well, but I haven't had to do that yet.
    The ranges are big pieces of machinery, but they are super simple in their design. I purchased two magnetic timers from Amazon and placed one on each oven: https://www.amazon.com/Zassenhaus-M072327-Retro-Magnetic-Kitchen/dp/B0025K7Y48/ref=sr_1_36?keywords=magnetic+timer&qid=1575303117&sr=8-36.

    I haven't had my range for a long time but I really do love it. It's a solid workhorse, like you said. The customer service is great and responsive. I encourage you to reach out to either Victoria or Elisa, depending on where you're located and work with them on choosing the model that is best for you. If you are worried about size, could you fit a Sully in your workspace? Not sure how extensive your remodel is...

  • Garderner2014

    Correction Megs1030 is correct, the oven do not fit 1/2 sheet pans. Sorry I was confusing 1/2 sheet with my jelly roll pans.

  • mackdolan

    Are you all about cooking? Is the experience exhilarating, and the elevated end result important to you? Or are you a basic cook who just likes the look and the heft of a quality Stauf cast iron braising casserole? Is the kitchen your laboratory? Or is it your refuge where you want familiarity, and sentimental things that make you smile?

    Either way, look at BlueStar. You can get an amazing functional piece of equipment that comes in beautiful colors and trims. With no issues fitting full sheet pans.

  • PRO
    Art Culinaire | Lacanche US

    Bonjour @e g ! Such an exciting time, but understandably a little stressful if you're not sure in which direction to head. So many incredible options on the market, and you are undoubtedly in wonderful hands here.

    While of course we love and celebrate the culture, history and performance of the Lacanche Ranges, we understand quite well that they are not a perfect fit for every American kitchen. If self-cleaning, timers, bluetooth connectivity etc are priorities in your kitchen, then an Old World French Range will probably not be the right match now, or even years down the line :) You should welcome the Range you love in your home, the one in your gut. This is the Range you will love and enjoy even years after purchase.

    All that to say, please do let us know if we can answer any questions large or small. The Cluny ovens are definitely more traditional and intimate as opposed to US Standard oven sizes, but they still easily welcome a 26 pound turkey. Food is much smaller than we think and we do have a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy the most of your ovens. It also begs the question, are you more of a cook-top chef, relying on ovens once in a while, or is a larger oven size absolutely imperative...? These are the questions only you can answer :)

    If you haven't yet, a look to our configurator online (frenchranges.com/configure) is a great place to start, and you have several options in your desired width with which to play. The Cluny, Chagny, or even the Saulieu / Savigny (larger ovens) offer a myriad of cooktop configurations... but again, the cleaning is on you ;)

    Let us know how we can help, we are here to chat.

    Chat soon et merci !

    Blair | Lacanche US


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