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I am rooting cuttings for the first time These are six cuttings from rose Annie Laurie McDowell that KarenPA so generously sent me. The cuttings were fully alive when I got them but there were no leaves on them. I started them on Nov 16 with some rooting hormone gel. Tonight they look like below, swollen buds and some even seem to be leafing:

My set up is like this, small biodegradable growbags filled with coconut coir covered with capped 2 liter sods bottles and set on a warm seed germination mats:

1) Does the bud swell and leafing mean the cuttings have rooted? I cannot see any roots if I push the media gently away from the stem and roots are not obvious from the sides or from the bottom.

2) Should you consider a cutting to have safely 'rooted' when you see roots along the sides and at the bottom or when you see new leaves?

3) Should I feed the cuttings, say a drop of kelp and fish emulsion in a cup of water? The coir has zero plant food.

4)Once one sees leaves should I take the bottles off and water more frequently?

5)When is a good time to pot them up with regular potting soil in a larger container?

6)Once the cuttings have rooted and they are potted up should you no longer place them on bottom heat?

Thanks a bunch!

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