Fleece jackets/vests——they stink!

December 2, 2019

DH has a few and I wash them frequently but as soon as he wears them outside, he reeks when he gets home. It’s NOT him, as I’ve smelled it on others wearing fleece.

Is it just the nature of fleece or is it cheap fleece (Target, Kohls) that causes the odor? Anyone else notice this? Any remedies for getting rid of the stench? I‘m getting ready to throw them all out!

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  • eld6161

    Interesting. WE've never encountered this problem. MIne are from Lands' End.

    Where were they made?

  • Bunny

    I have a couple of Columbia fleece jackets and they don't smell at all, never have. I have a couple of generic ones and they don't smell either.

  • maire_cate

    I wear fleece vests daily around the house and there's no odor. Like Eld mine are from Lands' End or Orvis or LLBean.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    We have LLBean, Columbia and Patagonia fleeces. They are washed in almost boiling hot water with Persil or Miele detergent.

  • OutsidePlaying

    We have several, Patagonia, Eddie Bauer and I think Columbia. None smell at all.

  • dedtired

    You just made me sniff my arm. I’m wearing an llbean fleece and it smells fine. I also have an Orvis and it has no smell. I wonder what’s going on with yours? Did you by any chance put them in the dryer on high heat?

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    What is the fabric made of?

  • gsciencechick

    It may be cheap fleece. Never have this issue either and I wear both all the time.

  • seagrass_gw

    I've worn fleece vests for years - LLBean, Columbia, Woolrich. Rarely put them through the laundry, and I am a super sniffer!

  • pb32

    I live in fleece in the winter - both the outer wear and pajamas and shirts/vests. Multiple vendors, but mostly LL Bean or Eddie Bauer. No smell problems ever.

  • Joaniepoanie

    OK...he has an Eddie Bauer, a Columbia and a Champion. It was the Champion he wore yesterday that smelled. I am going to wash them all and see what happens. Am hoping it is just the Champion that is the problem.

  • woodrose

    I've never had a problem with any brand of fleece smelling bad.

  • yeonassky

    I've had clothing pick up an odour before. In the summertime I like to hang my clothing outside for long periods of time and that usually neutralizes any odour.

    In the winter time when I get something that has an odour I use the absolute hottest water I can for the item and I wash and rinse twice. I often scrub the laundry soap with a scrubber right onto the clothing. Be gentle but firm.

    I have also been known to spray with febreze. Most of the time the odour dissipates.

  • LynnNM

    Wow, interesting! My favorite sweatshirt jacket is light gray with a zip front and cream colored fleece lining. It’s from Walmart and in the 3 years I’ve had it I’ve never had a smell issue with it.

  • 4kids4us

    My boys smell funny after they are outside in the cold. It’s not a BO smell, but a very distinct smell. It happens no matter what they are wearing - it’s not limited to fleece. I can’t describe it but it is definitely not regular BO smell. And it’s not just my boys, their friends have a similar smell when they get in my car. In fact, I noticed it this afternoon on my son when he got in car after playing soccer outside at school. He was not wearing fleece.

    In fact, I’ve noticed on occasion, after I’ve gone for a run in the cold that I have a funny smell also. And sometimes when I shower after exercising, I smell sort of a strange ammonia-like scent on me when I first get in the shower.

  • l pinkmountain

    Fleece is polyester. Polyester can pick up smells from you, but also from things wafting your way around you. Sometimes it doesn't give up the smell no matter what. I bought a really cute polyester top at Goodwill and it had a perfume smell but I thought what the heck, I'll just wash it with really hot water and some baking soda . . . no way, nothing worked, not soaking for days or anything and I tried all the tricks in the book. Threw it out eventually.

  • aok27502

    4kids, my DH gets the ammonia smell after karate practice. The smell of his gi is enough to wrinkle my nose. Google says it's from high protein/low carb, basically not enough carbs to fuel the exercise.

  • Lars

    Fleece doesn't have to be polyester. Mine is cotton but I very seldom wear it. Fleece can also be wool, but I prefer cotton fleece.

    I remember Roseanne Roseannadanna talking about a polyester blouse that she bought on SNL, and she had a similar experience with the smell.

  • 4kids4us

    AOK, that’s interesting. I’m not on a high protein/low carb diet. If anything, I need to cut back on carbs. I do usually run in the morning on an empty stomach. I‘ll have to pay attention now when I notice the smell and think about what I’ve been eating.

  • scrappy25

    The synthetic materials tend to pick up and retain odor that is very hard to get rid of. The natural fibers such as cotton , wool, or silk resist odor and somehow magically lose odor when hung up to dry after a sweaty session. As a multi day hiker I have been moving to merino wool, well worth it. If they do become odorous it is much easier to get rid of. However, you do have to use some care when washing- cold or warm water, not hot, and mostly lay flat to dry.

  • hhireno

    You might just be highly sensitive to certain odors.

    I can’t stand the smell from some brand-new silk garments, so not things that have absorbed cooking smells or body odor. Found out the hard way, the smell does not dissipate after washing. Fortunately my silk pillowcase, undershirts, and scarves do not have the smell. Maybe I’m insane but some stuff smells and I don’t want it near me,

    i recently bought an inexpensive down jacket at Costco. I swear I smell chicken when I wear it. I had to give it to a sister who doesn't notice any odor.

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