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Question about crossing roses with shared grandparents

2 months ago

So I am not planning to go into business as a hybridizer or anything, but reading about people raising seedlings got me curious to want to try doing some crosses for myself just for the fun of it. But some of the roses I was thinking about trying, when I trace them back on HMF, have the same roses back in their lineage (Fragrant Cloud seems to have been a pretty popular cross, or maybe I am just drawn to roses with that particular look and scent?) Is it frowned upon to cross these descendants with each other? Would they revert to the shared ancestor? Or is it like breeding pedigree horses, where if you look at five or seven generations you can see a few major influential sires repeated two or three times when the breeders particularly wanted the traits of those very successful and well known studs in their programs? I apologize if this is a dumb question, I am very new to the finer details of growing roses but want to have some fun playing around with possibilities. And thanks to all the experts on here who are so wonderfully generous with advice and information, the rose community seems to be a group of awesome people!

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