Daylilies and Deer

last year
last modified: 2 months ago

We've been fortunate so far in that my wife's Daylilies have not had any damage from Deer. We have several in the area and we see them pass through the yard but they haven't shown any interest in the Daylily bed. Over the years she's placed bars of Irish Spring soap around the border, used Milorganite and these seem to deter the Deer.

Last night, when taking our small dog out, I shined the light down towards the garden and saw 3 Deer in the bed, heads down as if grazing. We've had a hard freeze so there's nothing green to eat but it was still concerning. Off to the right of the bed were 6-8 more Deer. I walked out toward them, making a racket and they slowly faded into the woods.

It looks like our luck may be running out. I'm looking into electric fencing and for suggestions from other Daylily growers on how to deter Deer. Our bed is approximately 60' X 40' and has several hundred Daylilies. (My wife is into hybridizing.)



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