First Time Sq Ft Raised Beds

last year

Hello - I am already planning for spring in 2020 and am very excited. My husband and I want to build some elevated raised bed gardens next year, I am thinking for dimensions approximately 3' x 5', and two beds. But I am open to other configurations as well.

I've done research and understand the concept, but in practice, what do you find works better, putting all the "bigger plants" by themselves, or mixing big and small in one bed?

I made an example below of what I am thinking of. The first 'orange' chart would be putting the taller plants in the back and having the smaller ones in the front, both beds would have a mix of big and small plants. The 'blue' chart shows all the big plants like tomatoes and peppers off by themselves in one bed, and the medium and small plants in the other. My main concern of course is sunlight and air circulation, do you find it matters if you mix sizes?

(also the layout is not necessarily exact, just bigger ones in the back and smaller ones in the front lol)

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