Hiding electrical cords at an open desk

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I've discovered a method for hiding electrical cords that I really like and that may be useful for others. I have multiple cords for two work stations on an open desk, so all the cords created a very visible rat's nest under the desk (first photo). The solution: I bought black mesh split sleeving that holds all the cords together in a "snake" (it comes in a variety of lengths and diameters on Amazon Because the slit runs the length of the sleeving, you can add or exit a cord at any point. At appropriate intervals, I wrapped the sleeve tightly with a piece of two-sided, 3/4" velcro tape with the loop side out. This comes in rolls that you can easily cut to length. At matching intervals , I stuck 7/8" self-adhesive squares of velcro (hook side) onto the back of the desk and down a desk leg to a boxed-in surge protector. Stick the sleeve velcro to the desk velcro and-- voila!-- all the cords are out of sight or are tidily bound together in one skinny black snake. I'm impressed with how well the velcro holds, even when there are transformers along the snake.

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