testing germination

5 months ago

Last summer, when we were house hunting, we stored our belongings for a month. As a result my seed stock was exposed to some pretty hot temperatures. I'd like to test their germination so I know what I need to order. Do you think pretty much all seed will germinate in paper towel? Has anyone else ever tested a rather large variety of seeds all at once? Any tips?

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  • plays inthedirt
    2 months ago

    I just tested radish seeds packed for about 7 years ago & was amazed by the germ rate! (We did a move a couple years back & you know how it takes a while to figure out where garden things should go, so it slows you down for a while) Tips-get a roll of towels ( if you can find one!) and cheap little sandwich zippy bags. Oh, and a marker to write on the bags. Seeds that need a cold period should spend some time in the fridge before testing-I'd check the specific type to find how long to chill them. I think I should check if the seeds are still good before wasting my garden space on......nope, or storing stuff that....nope either!

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