Rose Rosette spread in your garden

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I contacted Texas A&M research division last week as Feb. is fast approaching. (In Texas, A&M is our goto spot for up-to-the-date info. about the disease) I ask them about spread through pruning tools. I have read conflicting reports on this and research is constantly being updated. They said that my practice of spraying with Lysol Disinfectant with beach was a good choice. I use this because for me it is easiest, clorox caustic for my clippers and alcohol not quite as effective in all cases. Apparently the beach in the spray is diluted appropriately so it does not damage the pruning tools but strong enough to do the job. They also told me Avid was the only miticide that would kill the mites but leave beneficial insects alone. Remaining products known to kill these mites seem to kill everything else also. I cannot see myself killing bees, butterflies, ladybugs, etc etc.

Avid only last a wk or 10 days and with no other product with which to alternate spraying, the mites will surely build up an immunity. Killing the mites, cleaning our tools, avoiding blowers, and giving space between bushes is the only defense we seem to have. North Texas is a hot bed for RRD and a constant concern to us. Other universities are part of the RRD ongoing research so if any of you have other information from your local universities please share, and then keep us updated if new info becomes available. This is an ongoing struggle for us all and I think we, as home gardeners, may prove beneficial to the research if we share what works and what does not for our garden.

BR, Dallas TX

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