LED grow lights

I start my annual veggies etc. under an 8-tube HO fluorescent.

Sometimes I’ll start looking into the LED grow lights. The whole thing is so confusing. First off, they are obviously targeted to growers of a particular type of plant. One that I have nothing against, but I do not grow.

And the other thing is, it’s damn near impossible to tell what you’re actually getting. The “wattage“ advertised is not the actual wattage, but some attempts to say it’s “equivalent“ to a MH/HPS if that wattage. In my experience with LED, “equivalent“ wattage is usually overstated. A “1500 W“ LED light only consumes around 200 W of power, and I highly doubt that it’s really as bright as a 1500 Watt metal halide.

But they also don’t give a lumen rating or a PAR rating. How the hell do I know if what I’m buying is sufficient or will produce too little or even too much?

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