Composite decking with pressure treated frame and railings?

I'm rebuilding this deck. It has five sections and wraps around the house. The deck is about four feet above the lawn. From the yard, you can see the frame (posts, beams, braces and even some of the joists.) I don't want to install a skirt or lattice because I don't want to trap moisture or give critters a place to hang out and I don't like how it looks. The exposed framing with 6" posts will look good. The railings and frame will all be built with pressure treated wood.

My default choice was to use pressure treated wood for the deck boards as well. It keeps everything consistent, is easy to work with and is affordable.

However, now that I've priced everything out I realize that switching to composite is not that bad in the context of the overall costs of the project and it may minimize my annual maintenance costs and keep the deck going for much longer. As you can see, rot is an issue in my corner of the woods.

My main concern is how it will look. I will definitely not be adding a composite fascia board or trying to wrap guard posts in composite boards to hide them. The only material on the deck that will be composite will be the deck boards themselves.

Most of the decks that I have seen go all-or-nothing. If they use composite they often try to hide the frame. They also use composite, metal or solid-painted railings. Decks that have composite deck boards but a pressure treated fascia board also seem rare.

Is it possible for this to look good or should I just stick with pressure treated wood for everything.

I wonder if anyone makes a composite deck board that mimics pressure treated wood. I didn't see that one in the catalog :)

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