Star Roses Gets Greedy

K S 8b Seattle
24 days ago

I wanted to start another thread to let everyone on the forum know about something that came out on a thread about Star Roses' new Mini Knock Out. The company actually commented on that thread to say that they had secured an unusual "utility patent" on that rose so it can't be used for breeding by other hybridizers. This means that if it has unusually disease-resistant qualities those genetics can't be introduced into the rose gene pool unless Star does this themselves. This is, in my opinion, very antisocial, and it contradicts a long history of plant breeding throughout which hybridizers have built on the successes of their peers and predecessors. If this type of patent becomes the norm, the result will make it difficult for independent breeders to compete (and some of our favorite big names were once independent breeders working in garden sheds). We know some independent rose hybridizers who frequent this very forum, and appreciate their work.

Here is the thread:

Have a look at the thread if you have a moment -- there are more issues raised in it. If you feel so moved to lodge a protest against Star Roses seeking out this type of patent, you might call their customer service line at 1-800-457-1859 or leave a negative review on their facebook page explaining why you are displeased:

Star has made A LOT of money from Knock Out roses using the normal rose patents that control reproduction through cuttings and grafting. To me this is a move based on greed, that hurts the rose community (especially if it catches on). As "heavy rose users" I thought we should all be aware of this, because it might impact us in the future.

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