What a vole does to a hosta

zkathy z7a NC
19 days ago
last modified: 19 days ago

Last Wednesday was a beautiful day in the garden. I decided to dig up Thunder Boomer, which had a terrible year and protect it from voles. Here’s a pic of it in its prime, 2017. It had a thing going with that heuchera for several years.

2018, Hosta and heuchera were both smaller but I didn’t notice.

2019, TB at bottom left. I was blaming the damage on the lack of shade, due to the tree fall event..

I put a garden fork in the ground and it popped out like it had just been planted except some long roots pulled some rocks up..

Here’s the crown. You can see the roots that pulled up the rocks between 1 and 3 o’clock in the pic. There are no other long roots, the voles have eaten them all except for the ones growing in between the rocks.

I put Thunder Boomer in a stainless steel mesh covered spin out bag and rebuilt and raised the rock wall in front of the bed..

We’ll see what this year brings, but I’m realizing I have a lot of hostas to dig up and protect.

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