Turning hell strip into annual mini-meadow

Chris Reher, z5b
4 months ago


Call me subversive, but I am thinking about turning the boulevard between the sidewalk and street into a wildflower patch. I live in the sort of neighborhood that won't mind, thankfully.

I already overseeded with white clover but want to add color and more pollinators, by overseeding with a wildflower mix. It's a full-sun area that gets pretty dry in the height of summer.

1) I won't be able to mow, so the existing grass (such as there is) will also grow tall. Would that end up too messy?

2) Do the commonly available wildflower mixes end up looking like a scraggly mess of cosmos and vetch by the end of the summer? I could spring for Zinnia, but I have my doubts that direct-seeding them there would take. I usually start them indoors.

3) Instead of the wildflower mix, would it be wiser to get packets of alyssum, forget-me-nots and other low-growers?

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