Baltimore Balcony report

31 of my 40 hostas and heuchies are sitting in their 1 - 10 gallon fabric grow pots on wire shelving units overlooking a lovely courtyard on my balcony. The remaining 9 hostas are still residing with Long Island friends in their backyard. The balcony is set about a foot inward from the edge of the roof of the balcony above, so the wire shelving units are set all the way up to the iron rail surrounding the balcony as it permits. It gets WSW sun, the afternoon sun being almost directly across from my balcony. I have been watering all the pots sparingly about once a week when the temps are well above freezing. I see the heuchies are actually sporting tiny new leaves in their center. The hostas have only the remnants of last year's dead leaves. I left those in place hoping it would afford them some protection. So far, no pipping is going on with the hostas (it's zone 7b here as well as NYC) yet, which I think is good, as any freeze would certainly damage or kill those early pips.

Does it sound like I'm doing OK with my hostababies and heuchies here?

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