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Fighting Temeraire

7 days ago

There's not much information out there about this rose, so I thought I'd give it a thread.

I ordered 1 from David Austin this year and am excited about it.

I'm putting it in a bed with Evelyn and Teasing Georgia.

Here's a link to its helpmefind page, which also doesn't have much information:

I think rosylady and sultryjasminnights grow it?

Comments (4)

  • Magnus - England

    This one reminds me of Scented Garden, if it's anything like it then it should be a great rose for you! It's also sadly on DA's chopping block which is a shame since it's one of their better singles.

    jc_7a_MiddleTN thanked Magnus - England
  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    What a cool rose! I know nothing about it so will be waiting to hear more about it from you.

    jc_7a_MiddleTN thanked Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
  • Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA

    Sorry folks, Fighting Temeraire is a monstrosity to ratty looking rose. Maybe it sets lovely hips, or reports on its moderate fragrance are inaccurate, and it packs a respectable scent. To me, the Austin people struck out on this one.

    It looks like a rose that Baby Huey played with all morning, then proudly presented it to his grandma, saying, "Look grandma, pretty rose!" Grandma's response, "Thank you sweetheart, now eat your pudding."


    jc_7a_MiddleTN thanked Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA
  • jc_7a_MiddleTN

    I don't disagree with your observations, Moses, but for some reason I like it anyway!

    But perhaps there is a reason it is unpopular? Ha

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