Furry Hoya roots normal?

last month

I will have had this hoya (krimson princess?) cutting for a year next month.

First sign of growth Feb 8th was a shoot at the plant base (pic 1). The shoot has a furry part and is growing downward like a root now Feb 20th (pic 2). Another new shoot/root found under oldest leaf on the other side (pic 3) which is also furry along on some parts of it. Is this furriness normal or could it be mold? How should I treat it?

Background info:

In 8b zone, kept near west-facing window protected from direct sun, have forced-air heating in home. The original stem and subsequent new stem (which grew stunted leaves over summer), plus all aerial roots ended up drying despite misting, so I made a plastic house for it by mid-winter. I introduced a white grow light, gradually up to 12hrs/day now. 42-60% humidity and 19-23C fluctuation (because the grow light cord leaves an open gap in the plastic housing.) It is in orchid bark mix, with bit of sea soil, perlite and worm castings— only watered when dry.

Any advice is very appreciated!

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