What do I do with too many sweet potato slips!!

The Wizzz
3 months ago

Started a few sweet potatoes to gather slips and they are sprouting faster than I'd planned. I'm going to be growing them in containers. Some fabric grow bags that I was planning on either planting 3 in a 10 gal or 6 in a 20 gal. (Same ratios) First I'm wondering if those numbers seem right or if it's too many per pot?
Lastly, I dont have the bags yet and will be waiting about a week, perhaps longer. The slips are getting HUGE and I feel like they might start to overcrowd the container the potato is in, maybe start suffeeing. ( A 1/2 milk carton in my homemade potting soil)
So I guess my question is... Can I put the individual slips into starter pots, like 4 in? Then transplant into grow bags when I have the materials?
Dank you

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