Laura Harwood or Night Beacon

24 days ago

I am trying to decide which one to order. The biggest difference seems to be size. What can you tell me about how these two perform in your gardens?

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  • organic_kitten

    I have Laura Harwood .It is a later bloom and quite a beauty in my garden (Deep South). the only is that early blooms have canoe points many times. There are so many blooms, it is easy to overlook that one flaw and while I moved out a huge number of plants last year, Laura is safe

    .Canoe point in front.


  • junco1102

    Thank you for the info and photo. I am interested In more late bloomers to extend the season, so that is a point in Laura Harwood’s favor. I had not heard of canoe points so I am very glad you included a photo to show what that looks like.

  • organic_kitten

    You are so welcome! Canoe points are annoying when the first couple have them, but it blooms so much that a few canoe point blooms are acceptable. But, as I said, I am in central Alabama and it would be helpful to have information for your specific area.

  • junco1102

    I am in Iowa, and for the most part all day lilies do pretty good here. I have a mix of dormant, semi evergreen and evergreen and don’t see a lot of difference In their performance.

  • organic_kitten

    Good. I plant what I like, and they rarely do not do well here. I have about fifty new ones this year and cannot wait to see them.


  • signet_gw(6b)

    Hi Junco , I grow both Laura Harwood

    Dip mid 23 inch H. 7 inch bloom Sev (shorter than I ususally grow ) and Night Beacon

    ( can't and have never been able to find info on tet or dip and truthfully I haven'tried hybridizing with it ....how a plant gets registered without that info is beyond me ????? My best guess is it is a dip ) early mid 27 H 4 inch bloom evergreen . Night Beacon has never reached registered height here my in Zone 6a/b Southern Ontario Canada .

    I also grow Metrosexual

    Tet mid dormant 32 H. 5 inch All are pretty and grow well , but my favourite has to be Laura Harwood. Could it be the larger bloom , possibly but I really like the added white in the bloom . So I would have to say for me it is a toss up between Metrosexual because of the height and Laura Harwood because of bloom size

  • celeste

    I grow both and like both, but doubt my input will help you much. I like them both....but....they each have their positives and their negatives like most things. Laura Harwood, the good points: blooms later in the season when other daylilies are winding down. Also, this daylily clumps up in a hurry. Mine was divided last year and I gave away tons of fans but when I put the rest of the plant back in the ground it was still a CLUMP. So you will have a vigorous daylily that blooms well, multiplies quickly and blooms late. The dark side: In my zone 4/5 garden it will be blooming when nights are getting chilly and the blooms more often than not do not open properly. If we have warm days and nights for a stretch it will have lovely blooms. But if it's damp and chilly, the blooms are splotchy and misshapen, which is usually the case here.

    Night Beacon, the good points: Mine is taller than registered and taller than what is reported by others here on the forum. I've heard reports of it being a stingy bloomer but not here. It is a good performer for me but it took about 3 seasons before it did anything. Blooms were scant the first couple years. I almost got rid of it but in year 3 when I threatened to compost it, it bloomed it's head off and has ever since. The blooms are never deformed or splotchy for me. The dark side: that it took 3 years to start earning it's keep.

    I guess what I'm saying is neither one is superior to me and I like them about the same. Laura Harwood has the larger bloom and Night Beacon is a modest size. But every garden (and gardener) is different so experiences will vary.

    Both have to be divided again this year.

    LH, when it opened well

    Night Beacon, end of the season picture, almost all bloomed out

  • Brad KY 6b

    Easy pick for me. Night Beacon had very few buds, very unreliable, so after many years of trying to get it to do much, it was mulched; I hated to do it but it was a waste of space. It was also too short every year. My first year of Laura Harwood was as good as NB was, and I expect it will do way better in the future..

  • Nancy 6b

    Here, Night Beacon bloomed just so so, but then just disappeared last year. Mine was about the expected height. It came up in the spring, but we had a record cold April, and I think that did it in. I loved the blooms, just not an abundance, but then, I think last year would have been its 4th year. Just got Laura H last fall so can't say yet.

  • mantis__oh

    For Iowa, a no brainer. Laura Harwood is reliable. Night Beacon was eliminated years ago.

  • junco1102

    Thanks. That’s why I ask you guys. You will give me the real scoop that I don’t get from looking at pretty pictures and reading the descriptions. posted by vendors.

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