Unknown Escapee with Yellow Flowers

These glabrous plants were spreading from a yard into a ditch. They had short rhizomes and also appeared to be spreading by seed. Clumps were about 50 cm tall. Leaves had hollow, flattened petioles that were grooved on one side, broadly winged at the base, and ranged to 25 cm long. Blades were reticulate veined, had rounded tips, undulate margins, cordate bases, dark green and glossy surfaces above, medium green and glossy below, and ranged to 8 cm long by 7 cm wide. The striking flowers averaged 4 cm across, had 3 sepals and 8 petals. Sepals were strongly cupped and greenish-yellow. Petals were bright yellowish-green, quite glossy, and had crown-shaped patterns toward the base on both surfaces. Flowers had about 30 stamens and 20+ styles/ovaries that were covered with bright yellow pollen.

These are surely non-native, and have escaped to distances of around 50 yds. Since there are large distances between some clumps, the seed appears to be viable.

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