OK , you tomato growin freaks :)

Lynn Dollar
23 days ago

I got a dilemna .............this year as usual , I've started my plants from seed about on Feb 2 , or so. And this year, they've done too well. I had almost 100% germination and they came up quickly.

So now, these plants are ready to go into the ground. So much for the 8 weeks the " experts " tell you to plan for. They're getting hard to manage cuz they're a foot tall and growin fast.

Well.......I'm lookin at Jed Castles News 9 forecast, reading the NWS forecasts, it appears that there's a good chance we won't see another arctic front this spring. Yeah, I know, its the weather and they trying predict it.

I have 32 plants. I'm gonna grow 15 plants. I'm thinking about goin into the ground with 10 to 15 plants this week.

So what's the calculated risk ?

A. we have the surprise arctic front and lose all I planted. Well, I got backups. Its just the work involved in planting again.

B. So the question becomes, what do I gain if we don't have another arctic front ( as I figure I can weather a mild freeze ) ?

Are these plants really gonna do anything with soil temps below 60* ?

It would sure make my life easier dealing with these plants that are growing like crazy. And I don't like planting really tall leggy plants. Ya gotta dig a sideways trench and lay them down in it .

Anyway, comments are appreciated as I think this out.

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