OT - How is everyone doing?

Julia NY
13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

Last week we went for my husbands pre-op screening and then we were notified this week that all non-critical surgeries at the hospital have been postponed due to the NY governor mandate. Bed space may be at a premium if the outbreak gets worse. Not sure when they will start rescheduling so we sit tight and wait.

Grocery stores in our area are dealing with items being depleted as quickly as they are being stocked and finally they are limiting how many items you can buy. Maybe that will help. I'm not sure what the rush on toilet paper is. What am I missing?

The garden is waiting for me to clean it up but we are still dealing with yo-yo weather and this morning we had a light frost again. Suppose to go to mid 60's on Friday but then will head way down again. I noticed many of the daylilies are emerging as are the tulips. Crocus are blooming and the buds on lilac are turning green. Clematis need trimming but thankfully the lawn does not need cutting..

Hope your all doing well and stay healthy.


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